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Automatic Upgrades with Warehouse Management Software Delivers Competitive Advantage

When looking for the competitive edge in warehouse management software you need not look any further than SmartTurn, Inc. They have won the edge over their competition by offering warehouse management software that is truly state of the art. Not only are they one of the best warehouse management software vendors around today, they also offer their product at a fraction of the cost and have very little software that needs to be installed.

Warehouse Management Software Boosted with the Boost in the Economy

Because the economy seems to be taking a turn in the right direction, many warehouse managers are left wondering how they can upgrade their warehouse to keep up with the demand they are facing. Because SmartTurn, Inc. is a name that has been around for years, companies from all over turned to them to see the latest innovation of their warehouse management software. This has boosted their sales greatly and only made them strive harder to better their product.

It’s All in the Numbers

A survey was taken in 2009 by the Global Survey of Supply Chain Progress from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals in Michigan. According to this survey, 88% of respondents said that it will be crucial for them to make a warehouse management software purchase in the next twelve months. Because SmartTurn, Inc. is a visible vendor, some of these companies have looked to them. With SmartTurn’s 99% accuracy in inventory control, it was definitely their first choice of warehouse management software vendors.

SaaS in a Bad Economy

When the economy took a turn for the worse, a lot of companies relied heavily on the SaaS option for WMS. This option meant less upfront cost and quicker implementation. This outlook worked for a while, but soon companies came to realize it was not really getting the job done. The SaaS model seemed like the smart idea but due to the lack of flexibility, companies were unable to meet all the standards that they wanted to. This is where SmartTurn, Inc. came into play.

Raising the Bar in Warehouse Management Software

SmartTurn, Inc. has been able to set high standards in regards to warehouse management software. They have been able to integrate the inventory process and the warehouse management process through one location. By doing this they have allowed managers to see their warehouse inventory in real time to know exactly what they have available. Not only can managers see their real time inventory, they can handle the product from the initial purchase to the final shipment. This has been a huge step in warehouse management software.

Who is Using Warehouse Management Software

Everyone! Companies of all kinds and sizes have turned to warehouse management software. Wholesale distributors, food service, 3PL’s, you name it—everyone is reaping the benefits of warehouse management software. Not only that, but they are doing it at a fraction of the cost of most other software packages.