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BidBuddy Search Marketing Solutions

The Search Works is the only European company to offer the unique combination of proprietary bid management technology, BidBuddy, and full agency services, incorporating campaign strategy and execution.

The Search Works paid search marketing strategies, which, when used with the company’s technology suite BidBuddy, provides a one-stop shop for all your search marketing needs.

BidBuddy is crafted to be user-friendly, intuitive and reliable. It is designed to provide the search campaign strategy tools you need to manage your paid online advertising. BidBuddy’s fully automated system can manage, evaluate and update each keyword position in all search engine listings on an hourly basis. It monitors and responds to consumer behavior allowing you to optimize your bids and cost returns on each keyword to reflect busy and quiet periods of consumer search activity. The major benefit of this is maximized return on investment. BidBuddy features and benefits include:

  • Centrally managed campaigns across all the major search engines from one log in.
  • Full integration into the search engines via direct API feeds including Google.
  • Day parting using timed bid strategies to reflect peak and non-peak times.
  • Automated tracking of consumer activity.
  • Accurate budget management.
  • Completely transparent reporting of all online traffic.
  • Automated checks and reviews 24 hours a day.
  • Automated bid management to ROI and CPA targets.
  • Sophisticated keyword generation tool.
  • No sizing limitations of keywords, categories, brands or clients.
  • For many The Search Works clients, one of the benefits is the ability to outsource all of their search marketing to a dedicated team of SEM experts.

The Search Works partners with the leading search engines and has been identified by The Sunday Times TechTrack Top 100 as one of the most successful and fastest growing technology companies in the UK.