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Bomgar Remote Support Solutions

Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Bomgar Corporation was founded by Joel Bomgar in 2003. Joel was working part-time as a senior engineer at a local business during college, yet his on-site client travels were wasting time and money. Unable to find a solution on the market to meet his requirements, Joel developed his own remote help desk product, enabling him to troubleshoot multiple customers’ computers at once by accessing his clients’ PCs through the Internet. The company has grown steadily since its inception in 2003.

Bomgar’s corporate vision stems from the realization of its founder that not every help desk environment is the same. Bomgar’s solutions enable customers to provide remote help desk support to their end-users or gain remote desktop access to unattended computers. Today, with three tiers of the Bomgar Box™, any company can overcome obstacles to efficient remote support.

Bomgar tiers its remote support solutions to fit the market segment size of a broad range of customers. Enterprise Support Solutions let large-company customers gain the confidence that their help desk can handle the heaviest workload while handling sensitive data with the utmost security. The company’s Support Solutions for small business deliver stellar customer support to enhance competitive advantage. Bomgar is committed to helping its customers thrive, all while cutting the mounting expense of a monthly service provider for Mac and PC remote control.

At Bomgar the corporate aim is to provide remote support solutions through disciplined R&D, aggressive sales, and marketing and exceptional customer support, and to develop its employees by creating an environment for organizational and personal growth.

Bomgar Strengths

  • Bomgar is appliance-based remote help desk software that enables companies to gain remote access to any PC anywhere.
  • The Bomgar Box ships with the company’s latest release, Bomgar 10.0 – remote access software designed for secure incident resolution.
  • NetworkWorld calls the Bomgar Box “a direct link into problem Windows and Mac machines.”
  • Bomgar’s technology solutions enable small-medium businesses and larger companies to provide remote help desk support to their end-users or gain remote desktop access to unattended computers.
  • With three tiers of the Bomgar Box, any company now has the capability to overcome obstacles to efficient remote support.