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Bye Bye Reluctant Buyers, Hello Super Eager: 3D Boosts Online Store Technology

If you can’t be the only one in your field be outstanding in it. That’s the premise you can consider when implementing 3D into your online ecommerce technology. Some of the newest and hottest online store technology developments are happening in multi-dimensions – including 3D additions to store design, layout and merchandising, both online and in stores.

Bring Buyers In to the Scene

Dassault, a global leader who gets high remarks for its product lifecycle management systems and serves brands like Guess and Adidas, offers 3DVIA software to help your online buyers feel part of the scene when they shop, not to mention helping you feel part of the scene as to where they spend their shopping dollars., a French department store, is using 3D online retail technology from Dassault with a plug-in to their existing web presence and adding a touch element to their online store.

Online Store Technology: It’s High Touch

What’s interesting about online store technology is that it brings the feel of a retail store, where you can feel and fully explore items, to the screen. Buyers interested in a designer purse, for example, can see how that purse appears when stuffed full of common objects. If you took a step like this with your online store technology, you would then have an opportunity for an additional touch with your customer. You would send them custom viewing glasses in which to explore every facet of the products they’re interested in. It goes even further, allowing the buyer to examine how the purse appears when someone throws it over their shoulder because the shopper gets to put the purse on to an online model.

Don’t Walk Away

Why would a buyer leave your site, even with a full shopping cart and credit information already securely stored online? Buyer reluctance can come from several sources, but online store technology can keep reluctant buyers lingering. Some buyers may leave your site if they don’t feel a connection to the product, in the same way they are used to getting this from your retail stores. Consider when Espacemax mailed out 3D glasses. Following this step, 2,000 new buyers bought well over $400,000 of products in less than a month. Why? The technology brought them closer to the product.

Online Store Technology = Content, and Confidence

Additional causes for buyer reluctance can be centered around two chief areas: content, and confidence. Even 3D online store technology isn’t going to move product mountains if your product descriptions are too vague or too unremarkable. Research also shows that buyers are encouraged to stay awhile and purchase when they feel confident that other shoppers have had a positive experience, so be sure your customer reviews are easily found and relevant. They speak volumes, and the words from your buyers can be very powerful.

You’ve Got to Stand Out

It’s about standing out in the online commerce game, and representatives for Dassault Systemes link their users’ success with specific, competitive online store technology tools like 3D merchandising. The added functionality can save you costs for returns and help your shoppers be more active. Additionally, 3D tools for your online store technology let you try out ideas and products without investing in another pricey retail store. The space costs a lot less than a new retail store, and the sky’s the limit with 3D online store technology.