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CA Unicenter Service Desk

Unicenter® Service Desk from CA is an enterprise-level service desk solution that is capable of meeting the most challenging support requirements, yet is also capable of scaling down to meet small and medium service support needs as well. Its technology is designed to reap maximum benefits for your investment and ensure that your service and support solution can grow as your requirements do.

Unicenter Service Desk supports both employees dependent on the IT infrastructure and customers seeking support regarding purchased products and/or services. It is completely web-based and features numerous out of- the-box integrations with other CA infrastructure management products.

Unicenter Service Desk provides a self service interface that helps your customers resolve their own issues. From this web interface, they can submit requests, check status and browse the knowledge base. In addition, self-service password reset capabilities (provided through integration with CA Identity Manager) reduces the volume of low-complexity calls.

Unicenter Service Desk is easily tailored to meet your unique workflow process. It can be used stand-alone or enhanced by one or more of its companion products — Unicenter Service Desk Dashboard, Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools and CA SupportBridge™.

Your analysts and managers also have access to the extensive functionality of Unicenter Service Desk via its web interface. The product is 100% web based. This simplifies deployment, reduces training, enhances speed through mouse-less navigation and allows access from anywhere.

Overall, Unicenter Service Desk will help you accelerate your service and support process, improve your productivity, closely align your service desk with your business and help reduce costs. Key features include:

  • Analyst-Assisted Service. Unicenter Service Desk allows you to meet your service and support requirements. Whether you need ITIL best practices, integration with supporting IT management technologies or highly capable knowledge management, Unicenter Service Desk can meet your requirements.
  • Managing the Service Desk. This product provides a number of tools to help you understand how your service desk is meeting your organization’s goals.
  • Customer Self-Service. Doing more with less often means enabling customers to help themselves. This drives down costs, speeds the problem resolution process and integrally links the customer to the recovery process.
  • Process Automation. Unicenter Service Desk has many automation features that assist in speeding the problem resolution process. These features help to reduce the time it takes to identify problems, minimize the use of human resources, maximize human resource effectiveness and lower overall service and support costs.
  • Enabling Technologies. Numerous additional technologies maximize the product’s capability to assist you in performing service and support functions.
  • Language Support. The English version of this solution is certified to run on a variety of non-English operating systems, allowing characters from the non-English language to be stored and retrieved within text fields.

Unicenter Service Desk supports the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise), UNIX (Sun, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX) servers; Microsoft IE, Mozilla, Firefox Web interfaces; and Ingres, Microsoft SQL server and Oracle databases.

CA is one of the world’s largest IT management software providers. Founded in 1976, CA today is a global company with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. CA customers include 99% of Fortune 1000® companies, as well as government entities, educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide.

CA ALM Technology

CA Unicenter Service Desk is a product and technology that delivers service request, incident, problem and change management; the application maximizes analyst productivity and enhances responsiveness. ITIL compatible and built on a proven, scalable architecture, Unicenter Service Desk aligns IT processes with an organization’s business goals while providing superior service for employees, customers and partners.

CA ALM Highlights

  • Automates service desk functions to maximize efficiency, customer satisfaction and productivity.
  • Delivers workflow-driven ITIL automation for incident, problem and change management and offers self service capabilities to end users.
  • Manages service levels to ensure response time commitments and automated customer surveys to ensure high quality support.
  • Optimizes IT assets to improve service, reduce operational costs and mitigate business risk.
  • Automates business and IT processes and polices across the enterprise to increase productivity, agility and competitiveness.
  • Maximizes support staff productivity while aligning IT with the business’s requirements.
  • Optimizes the value of IT services with a focus on business alignment and financial administration.

CA Key Strengths

  • Leading the way in adopting industry best practices, Unicenter Service Desk has become the cornerstone for automating IT processes and providing audit trails for regulatory compliance. Unicenter Service Desk helps companies improve efficiencies while gaining customer satisfaction and improved productivity.
  • CA Unicenter’s IT Service & Asset Management application ensures the cost-effective and strategic deployment of an organization’s IT resources by managing services and the assets that support them, and by automating processes to increase efficiencies and better handle change.
  • CA’s Change and Configuration solution delivers a metric driven change prioritization that gives customers the ability to plan according to business priorities and understand the time, cost/benefit and resource effects of change requests.
  • CA Unicenter Service Desk can be fully configured to support all aspects of ALM, including an incident and problem management application that improves first-call resolution and empowers end users to solve day-to-day problems with easy-to-use online self-help.
  • The Unicenter Service Desk solution gives organizations the ability to improve service, spend less, and reduce disruptions by automating incident and problem management processes.