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Call Center Software: How It Impacts Customer Loyalty

Why Your Business Can’t Afford a Weak Call Center
A call center plays perhaps the most vital role in a company’s quest to maximize customer satisfaction, and each interaction it conducts will impact customer loyalty and retention in a positive or negative way. That’s why many organizations rely on call center software to ensure optimum efficiency, and deliver the highest quality service possible.

Just how do call center software solutions boost customer loyalty?

First Call Resolution
The catch-phrase for many of today’s call centers, first call resolution is a key performance indicator that measures the rate at which agents can successfully address customer needs and issues the first time they call.

Call center software facilitates first call resolution in several ways. First, it can offer analytic capabilities that help supervisors track this important metric. Additionally, it can provide agents with a broad knowledge base, giving them immediate access to all the information they need to accurately answer customer questions, troubleshoot problems, and more. And, call center software – through its call recording and monitoring capabilities – can allow managers to review calls that didn’t result in a first-time resolution, understand why certain issues require multiple contacts, and take immediate action to correct any problems.

Improved Agent Availability
Call center software solutions provide vital intelligence about operational trends. For example, mangers can gain insight into call volume trends. As a result, they can ensure that they are adequately staffed, even during peak periods, so long hold times for callers can be avoided. Additionally, call center software packages help supervisors understand why customers call most frequently, so they can make sure that all agents have the training and skills required to most effectively handle common issues and problems.

The Ability to Identify Changing Customer Needs
The content and context of each interaction contains valuable information that can benefit departments across an organization.

For example, conversations between a customer and an agent can offer insight into what new features should be added to a product, how service offerings can be improved to be more competitive, or how a customer perceives its relationship with a company. Call center software applications make it easy to harness this crucial information, and make it both interpretable and readily accessible to key stakeholders across a business. So, everyone in a customer-facing role can identify and respond to evolving customer demands and requirements.

More Skilled and Knowledgeable Agents
The effectiveness of the agent population can make or break a call center.

In order to rapidly resolve customer issues, reps must be well-trained and possess superior communication skills, In fact, research by the CFI Group shows that reps with poor communication skills can only solve 45 percent of the customer issues posed to them, while those who communicate well have an 88 percent resolution rate. With call center software, supervisors and team leaders can quickly identify agent skill gaps and training needs, and implement new and improved programs to make them as productive and knowledgeable as possible.