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CollabNet Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

With more than 1.8 million users, CollabNet offers the most widely used platform for distributed application lifecycle management. Using the CollabNet platform, project members can work as one team throughout the lifecycle of a project, regardless of their location. Unlike traditional software development tools, the CollabNet platform supports globally distributed teams in a cost-effective way, yielding unprecedented annual savings through reduced development infrastructure costs, increased productivity, improved project visibility, and shared access to software assets. Customers have proven cost reduction with productivity gains of up to 50% and a decrease in licensing and infrastructure spend of up to 80%. More than 700 global companies rely on CollabNet for their software development, off-shoring, outsourcing, and partner co-development efforts.

Founded upon open source principles, CollabNet is the company behind Subversion®, the world’s #1 version control and Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for distributed teams. Subversion was named as the sole leader for standalone SCM in the Forrester 2007 WaveTM Report for Software Change and Configuration Management. It is used by an estimated 5 million developers worldwide.

In addition to the core ALM platform, CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise, CollabNet offers certified Subversion binaries, called CollabNet Subversion, and Subversion-related training, services, and support.

CollabNet Key Strengths

  • CollabNet offers the only complete, web-based ALM platform for distributed teams.
  • CollabNet offers its ALM platform via both On-Demand (SaaS) and On-Site delivery models – giving customers the flexibility to choose the implementation that works best for their budget, timeline, and internal policies.
  • Although many of CollabNet’s customers are large enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of users, there is a special entry price for teams of 25 users or less – making it easy for smaller teams to get started. For teams greater than 25 developers, a low per-user price is applied for additional users. This pricing structure makes it easy for teams of any size to experience the full suite of ALM capabilities at an affordable rate – without having to settle for reduced functionality.
  • CollabNet offers extended capabilities and developer services, such as continuous integration (build & test), and cloud provisioning.
  • Developers can access CollabNet’s ALM platform directly from their Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio IDE’s using the Desktop integrations.
  • Additional integrations from CollabNet and its partners are available for download from CollabNet’s website. A strong partner network and online community (250,000+ members) ensure a wide range of options and add-ons.

CollabNet ALM Technology

CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise is an integrated suite of flexible, easy-to-use tools that share a centralized, secure repository and support any development methodology, project workflow, and programming language. The design, inspired by open source principles, enables a culture of collaboration which helps companies of all sizes reduce the cost of software development with increased productivity and lower infrastructure costs.

CollabNet ALM Highlights

CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise
CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise is an integrated suite of Web-based software configuration management (SCM), issue tracking, project management, and collaboration tools that empowers teams to build great software.

To drive development activities, organizations are able to configure CollabNet’s solution to support their process. The centralized architecture and configurable interface allow for flexibility both within and across teams. If processes vary among teams in the same organization, each team can implement their own workflow and templates for their project but still work with the same centralized repository for cross-project visibility and reporting.

In addition to the more traditional ALM modules, CollabNet offers an interface for continuous build and test integration to support Agile development. There is also a module dedicated to provisioning virtual servers, giving developers more control over their development environments, while still allowing them to operate within the bounds set by IT.