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Comcash Shopping Cart Review

Comcash was founded in 1996 to develop a set of mission critical applications for the retail and restaurant industry. Comcash has since partnered with Nexternal to provide a fully integrated software system for online and in-store businesses.

What Comcash does

Comcast believes a web store should be fully integrated with an in-store point of sale and inventory system, to be efficient. Comcash designed their web store interface to support real time integration between the web store hosted on Nexternal’s servers and the Comcash system. With the powerful synchronization of platforms, order and customer data will seamlessly flow into Comcash so that business owners can have a holistic view of your customer’s purchasing history.

Satisfied Customers

Olive Organic, Liquor Monitor

Shopping Cart Product(s)

Comcash eCommerce

Shopping Cart Software Key Features

  • Use touch screen interface to speed transactions
  • Track customer visits & purchase history
  • Built-in Debit and Credit Card Interface
  • Employee Security Levels
  • Suspend/Resume Transactions
  • Track Employee Hours with time clock
  • Design custom sales & inventory reports
  • Manage Accounts Receivable
  • Connect POS to e-commerce software
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Accounting
  • Web Store Ready
  • Customer Statements
  • Employee Management
  • Advanced Reporting

Shopping Cart Software Highlight

Comcash eCommerce’s integration with Nexternal provides businesses with a best-of-breed solution for small to mid-size retailers that wish to link their brick and mortar stores with a modern, state-of-the art online presence. Comcash eCommerce shopping cart software unites retail shops online and offline.

Online Shop Technology

Comcash software is built on a SQL Server database and delivered locally or hosted over the Web. The Comcash development team has decades of POS experience and the company is constantly iterating enhanced versions their products every year.

Bottom Line

Comcash is an innovator in the retail industry, and now with a Nexternal partnership, Comcash is becoming an online store software vendor to reckon with. Comcash built a set of complimentary applications that supplement and enhance their original POS offering. If you want to streamline your online store operations, Comcash can help!