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Consona Financial Management Solutions

Founded in 1986, Made2Manage Systems, now owned by Consona Corporation, began with a vision to provide manufacturers with a more robust alternative to their ad hoc business systems. Since then, the company’s technology has evolved from a DOS-based platform to the newest Microsoft Windows technology architecture that supports Web services standards and Internet-based applications.

Consona’s Made2Manage Systems’ commitment to the manufacturing industry has helped make the company a leader in the small and midsize enterprise (SME) software space. Made2Manage Systems is a user-centric software company serving the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing industries, including rubber and plastics, industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, electronics, transportation, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, and durable goods.

The company fosters a unique and enthusiastic culture that is driven largely by employee communication and involvement. From quarterly, company-wide staff meetings to break rooms with air hockey tables and dart boards, Consona’s Made2Manage Systems’ corporate culture fosters both personal and professional growth. At Made2Manage Systems, employees are encouraged to ask questions, work cross-functionally, form solid peer and supervisor relationships, take advantage of education and training opportunities, and rise to meet new challenges and responsibilities.

Equally important to its corporate culture, employee recognition is taken seriously at Made2Manage Systems. Each quarter, employees are praised for their outstanding work, and a special emphasis is placed on peer recognition. The company’s “Here’s To You” award allows employees and managers to recognize one another for going above and beyond the call of duty and exemplifying the Made2Manage vision. In addition, employees are recognized at every company meeting for their years of service. Made2Manage also presents a quarterly award to an employee who demonstrates outstanding customer service to both internal and external customers.

Consona Corporation’s Made2Manage Enterprise Business System is a comprehensive package of software, services, and support aimed to help manufacturers achieve ongoing business process improvements.

Consona Key Strengths

Consona’s Made2Manage ERP Systems provides manufacturers with easy-to-use, high-quality solutions that are tailored to specific industries. These solutions improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and financial performance while managing business growth.

Unlike other ERP software vendors that focus on new technology trends, Made2Manage delivers ongoing value to its customers by enabling them to achieve continuous business process improvements.

  • The innovative solution provider provides ongoing value to its customers by offering:
  • The most responsive customer support in the industry.
  • 100 percent customer-driven product development.
  • A focus on product quality and robust functionality rather than “sales needs.”
  • Comprehensive professional services for ongoing business process improvement.
  • Proactive customer management from a team dedicated to serving the customer’s needs.

Regardless of system or platform, Consona’s Made2Manage ERP solution suite provides award-winning, market-leading services and support to its customers.

By combining various technologies with the knowledge of seasoned product experts, Consona’s Made2Manage System delivers professional support, education, consulting, and customization services that can be tailored to a customer’s unique business requirements.