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DIY Media Introduces Shopping Cart Software

DIY Media has unleashed their first product: DIY Music. DIY Music allows users to create quick widgets to be distributed throughout the internet or fully-featured storefronts.

Despite years of experience running various technology-based startups, DIY Media is focused on developing technologies that allow users to set up their own stores and distribute their own digital music.

DIY does provide consulting services for a fee but the tools are geared more towards allowing user to independently upload their content and send it out to do its job.

Artists use the eCommerce software to create a store widget just to push a single track, EP, album, or their entire collection. Those who are already connected with one of DIY Music’s distribution partners can upload their whole collection in one swift step.

Once stores are set up, they can distribute their music through traditional online methods such as websites or through any social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

All stores will carry the same branding and image and this allows artists to present a consistent face to the public. A social media schedule for shopping carts is a necessity for anyone wanting to get serious in the eCommerce game as this is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Facebook is playing a huge part in that game and a variety of companies are developing their own eCommerce software to allow clients to sell directly on Facebook. Selling on these social networks using the eCommerce software is becoming more and more critical to eCommerce success and the rise of businesses like DIY Media proves this.

DIY Media has a mission to empower content-creators to distribute their work through eCommerce software and social media platforms. They are based in Seattle, Washington.