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Elsinore Technologies Software Solutions

Founded in 1995, Elsinore Technologies delivers enterprise level issue management solutions. Elsinore Technologies’ fully-proven, award-winning software solutions have satisfied thousands of customers in multiple countries and industries.

Elsinore got its start by building and marketing a bug tracking system tailored to the needs of Windows developers. The first version of Visual Intercept, a suite of bug tracking tools for defect management, was introduced in 1996. Elsinore recognized that many of its customers were gravitating towards full-scale, global issue management solutions to address such needs as compliance, better inter-departmental communication, and customer support. These solutions required enterprise-level scalability, integration, flexibility, and management. To support the growing need, Elsinore released the IssueNet Platform in 2006. IssueNet enables organizations to rapidly deploy a variety of issue management solutions on a single web service platform. Today, IssueNet is the core issue management platform into which specific solutions are installed. IssueNet Intercept (defect tracking), IssueNet Assist (help desk), and IssueNet Oversight (IT service and change management), all of which are distinct solutions targeted to a specific market. A fourth option Asterisk provides the framework that can be configured to meet a host of different industry and organizational requirements.


By offering a variety of solutions from a single platform, Elsinore Technologies allows its customers to simultaneously meet a variety of enterprise issue management needs while consolidating and simplifying their software platforms, licensing, databases, and support. Since these solutions are built from the IssueNet Platform, they share a common set of robust features and built in best practices, providing features specific to the business processes for which each solution is designed. Best of all, there is no extra cost for installing additional solutions.

IssueNet Solutions

Each IssueNet solution provides the same high level customization and feature sets including workflow and form designer, notification setup, integration with Microsoft Outlook, web portal for issue creation, and much more. But each solution comes stocked with prepackaged forms, workflows, and terminology for the specific industry.

IssueNet Intercept – IssueNet Intercept is a flexible defect tracking, bug tracking, and issue management software application. IssueNet Intercept’s solution is customizable by an organization to reflect their preferred processes and methodologies, enabling companies to manage bugs, requirements, defects, and other issues more easily and effectively.

IssueNet Assist – the flexible/integrated solution for internal help desk and external customer support. Customizable to an organization’s support workflows, IssueNet Assist streamlines and automates the support process.

IssueNet Oversight – a framework for managing ITIL Service Support, which enables better regulatory compliance, higher productivity, and superior IT Governance outcomes. By using IssueNet Oversight as a framework for change management, unauthorized changes can be prevented and authorized changes can be efficiently tracked and audited.

IssueNet Asterisk – In computer programming, the asterisk is used as a wildcard to represent any string of characters, and in the case of IssueNet, Asterisk represents the unlimited possibility for custom solutions.