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Enhancing the Customer Experience with Enterprise CRM

Why do larger organizations need an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solution? Because in today’s global marketplace, where product and service diversification is minimal, and clients are more fickle and more prone to churn than ever before, businesses must compete on customer service in order to gain an edge. And as companies strive to become more customer-centric, they are developing high-level strategies that are centered around delivering the best customer experience possible. These plans include the creation and implementation of new processes that are aimed at enhancing customer interactions across all touch points, in order to significantly boost client acquisition, loyalty, and retention.

Get a Competitive Advantage with Enterprise CRM

However, for larger organizations with multi-faceted procedures that span several departments and business units, streamlining customer-facing activities can be a harrowing challenge. These firms typically have extensive and geographically-dispersed sales operations, large marketing departments, help desks, call centers, and numerous other channels for working with clients. As a result, processes are fragmented, service delivery is inconsistent, and important decisions that impact existing and potential customers are made using information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated.

Enterprise CRM can address those issues, providing companies with the tools and technologies they need to improve even the most complex customer-facing processes. Enterprise CRM allows companies to effectively coordinate all workflows across multiple teams and divisions. Redundancies and inefficiencies are completely eliminated, so process execution is smooth and productive, no matter how many employees or departments are involved. Activities that involve external constituents, such as distributors, third-party sales channel partners, or outsourced call centers can also be supported from end to end. This ensures that the delivery of service to clients is as prompt and responsive as possible.

Additionally, an enterprise CRM software package fully centralizes all customer-related information, storing it in a massive, yet easy-to-navigate database that can be readily and conveniently accessed. So, any employee who is interacting with a customer can see a complete history of all past activities – campaigns received and responded to, products purchased or inquired about, service tickets opened or calls to the help desk, outstanding invoices, etc. So, discussions can be tailored accordingly, based on timely and accurate intelligence about the client. The employee “knows” the client better, and as a result, the customer feels as though they are receiving a more personalized experience, and that the company cares about them.

But, perhaps most importantly, an enterprise CRM solution gives companies valuable insight into who their customers are, how they behave, and what they really want. This empowers them to leverage that intelligence to develop more successful promotions and programs that can enhance customer service, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and much more. As a result, customer satisfaction is maximized, attrition and churn are decreased, and the value and profitability of each and every client is significantly increased over their lifetime.

With an enterprise CRM solution in place, larger organizations can achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by delivering the best customer experience possible.