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Epicor ITSM Review

Epicor Software is a global leader in providing comprehensive business software solutions geared towards companies in a variety of countries and industries. Epicor’s popular ITSM solutions provide the functionality to ensure your IT support team has the tools it needs to succeed.

How Epicor ITSM Can Help Your Business

Epicor provides companies with the solutions for the many common issues which companies normally face. With over 20,000 customers in more than 140 different countries, Epicor has shown it has a record of providing useful solutions that effectively solve the common issues which many different companies face.

Designed to be comprehensive yet cost-effective, Epicor solutions are designed to meet the needs of your business. Epicor Solutions are scalable, designed to grow as your business grows, allowing companies to start off small and continue to expand with Epicor Solutions always at their side.

The recent shift towards more technologically savvy organizations has caused a shift in the business software market. Companies are looking for solutions capable of providing much needed support for their IT departments to enable them to provide much need technical assistance for employees while also providing high level technical support for customers. ITSM solutions are becoming more important in serving a dual function by enabling companies to provide efficient support internally and externally.

Epicor ITSM provides the functionality to ensure your help desk or IT department has the tools necessary to ensure a continuous flow of business and streamlined IT support. Rather than just providing answers to current issues, Epicor ITSM aims to identify and answer problems in the future.

Built upon advanced service oriented architecture, Epicor ITSM is scalable and supports IT best practices. Pink Elephant certified, Epicor is ITIL compatible and provides support in a number of service management areas such as:

Incident Management – Restore normal procedures immediately when issues arise. Epicor ITSM incident management provides monitoring tools that allow customers to track the progress of their issues and see how their issues are progressing.

Configuration Management – With complete oversight over all IT related tools, Epicor ITSM provides companies with the ability to run smooth and efficient help desk and IT departments that can provide value to the organization.

Change Management – Enable your infrastructure to adapt to your needs. Epicor ITSM provides the ability to allow your infrastructure to change with a workflow process that tracks changes from start to finish ensuring changes are made effectively and efficiently.

Problem Management – Solve the underlying root to incoming issues. Rather than solving the superficial issue, Epicor ITSM solutions aims to tackle the problem at its root to prevent related or similar issues from occurring again in the future.

Service Level Management – Epicor ITSM solutions provide accuracy with recorded service level agreements and accurate tracking of ITSM costs. Track response times to gauge the effectiveness of your help desk and provides support to enable quicker service.

Epicor ITSM provides the tools to enable your help desk to succeed. Its comprehensive package of tools allows IT departments to make valuable contributions to support a company’s operations.