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FatWire Content Management Solutions

A global leader in content management solutions, FatWire Software enables organizations to put content to work by deploying persuasive, content-centric applications and Web sites that attract, convert, and retain customers.

FatWire’s solutions are powered by Content Server, which combines complete business user control over the creation and presentation of content with a scalable architecture for dynamic content delivery and multi-site deployment. Unlike other Content Management solutions that focus on getting content under control, FatWire’s solutions enable organizations to put content to work by delivering highly targeted and persuasive experiences to customers, partners, and employees.

As the largest privately held Web Content Management (WCM) provider, Fatwire in March 2008 announced that the company delivered its strongest year ever with record-breaking fourth quarter fiscal year 2007 results. FatWire achieved an exceptional 35 percent growth in total revenue for the quarter which ended on December 31st, 2007, driven by a strong demand worldwide for its products and services.

FatWire also reports strong performances throughout the last two years in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia— demonstrating the advantages of the company’s global business model and investments made around the world. These investments included several technology acquisitions, and the acquisition of an Australian-based reseller to expand the company’s global footprint and extend its market leading position.

FatWire attributes its successful revenue growth to a number of strategic choices. The company delivered new products and new releases of existing products, appointed new leadership, implemented its vision for Web Experience Management, and strengthened and expanded its product line with the acquisition of Infostoria, a Web 2.0 collaboration and content integration provider. Infostoria’s products complimented the FatWire Content Server product and created a new revenue stream with the introduction of the FatWire TeamUp product for enterprise 2.0 collaboration.

Founded in 1996, FatWire has over 450 customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in New York and operates offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

FatWire Key Strengths

  • FatWire Software provides industry-leading web content management (WCM) solutions that enable organizations to deliver a rich online experience to users and to simplify management of their web presence.
  • FatWire offers a comprehensive Web Experience Management (WEM) portfolio including best-in-class WCM and targeted marketing technologies, plus enterprise 2.0 collaboration and content integration capabilities.
  • Organizations can harness the power of FatWire solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy large numbers of web sites and deliver a compelling web experience to customers and partners.
  • With FatWire, customers can optimize the web experience, increasing customer loyalty and sales.