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Five Reasons Your Product Management Team Will Love ALM

ALM Helps Your Product Managers Win the Software Development Race
The members of your product management team are facing an uphill battle. They must ensure that software solutions of the highest functionality and quality are designed, developed, and delivered to your customers – on time and within budget. At the same time, they must keep your offerings competitive by ensuring that their features continuously evolve meet all end user requirements, as they change over time. How can application lifecycle management (ALM) help them overcome these challenges?

ALM can empower your product managers with all the tools and technologies they need to streamline the entire software development process. From design and programming, through deployment and testing, ALM enhances all related activities from start to finish.

With an ALM solution in place, your product managers can:

Clearly Define Requirements – and Quarantee They are Met
Creating software that delivers all the capabilities your customers need to overcome their challenges or reach their goals will be the key to your success. With ALM, your product managers can outline all specifications, clearly communicate them to all those involved in the software development process, and fully control if – and how – they are met.

More Effectively Coordinate Resources and Related Activities
Product managers have a lot to juggle. Staff members from engineering, development, and quality assurance teams. Various technologies to support the development process. Tasks and sub-tasks that must be assigned and managed. Budgets that must be considered every step of the way.

With ALM, they can effectively coordinate these assets and resources, and most effectively align them with the goals and objectives of the project at hand.

Accelerate Time-to-Market
The sooner your new software product is available to customers, the sooner your company can begin raking in the revenues. That’s why product managers are under such pressure to deliver new software applications within the tightest deadlines.

ALM dramatically accelerates time to market in several ways. First, it automates and streamlines such critical development-related functions as project management, resource planning, and integration. Additionally, ALM improves communication and information-sharing among the many teams involved in the various phases of the development lifecycle. This enhanced collaboration can ensure the smoothest execution of all cross-department tasks. And finally, ALM enables the enforcement of standards and best practices, so all procedures are conducted in the most efficient manner possible.

Stay on Top of Changes, Enhancements, and Releases
Software is dynamic, and in order to remain competitive, you must continually expand and enhance your solutions to meet constantly changing customer demands. With ALM, your product managers can more productively track and manage these changes, as well as the various releases that contain them. So, everyone understands how the product has – and will – evolve over time.

Instantly Identify Potential Setbacks – Before the Project Veers off Course
When it comes to software development, a single roadblock that occurs during the course of even the smallest task can delay the entire project. ALM allows product managers to monitor the status of each related activity in real-time. So, they can take immediate corrective action the moment a problem arises, and long before it negatively impacts the team’s ability to meet scheduled deadlines.