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Five Signs You Need Pay-per-click Management software

While many companies have recognized the value of PPC advertising by shifting more dollars online, this increase in spending requires that marketing is more accountable for how it is spent, and what the return on investment really is. Here are five signs your marketing department may need Pay-per-click (PPC) Management software.

Your PPC Budget Has Increased

PPC advertising has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tactic. Companies of all sizes, in all types of industries, are shifting their marketing dollars from traditional channels to online marketing. With an increase in spending comes more management scrutiny, and expectations for a strong return on investment.

PPC requires active management, or you can burn through a lot of money very quickly. The bigger the budget, the greater the potential waste. Pay-per-click (PPC) Management software will run your campaigns to meet your goals and stick to your budget. It will prevent you from overpaying for ads. Most packages include current best practices that help you get the best return for your investment. In addition, consolidated reports (Google, Yahoo! and MSN), help you to share your successes with your organization.

You Are Spending More Time Managing Campaigns

If you are spending an increasing amount of time manually managing your PPC campaigns, it’s time to consider a Pay-per-click Management software package. Managing paid search programs of any substantial size is complicated, and at some point impossible to do without automation.

Pay-per-click Management software frees you from time-intensive, manual campaign management. You are able to centrally manage account and bidding information for your campaigns on different search engines.You can apply automated bidding strategies that ensure consistency across multiple engines around the clock Many packages automatically generate keywords to help you target less expensive keywords.

Competitors are More Aggressive

Do you notice your competitors ads are always on top? Do their names appear for every search you make? Have your ads dropped to page two, and you are still paying the same?

If your competitors seem to have an edge on your advertising, it’s likely that they have turned their campaign over to an agency who uses Pay-per-click Management software, or have invested in a system themselves.

Pay-per-click Management software can put you on the same playing field as savvy PPC advertisers, (and if you’re smart, give you an advantage). Automated bid features in Pay-per-click Management software can help you squeeze out your competitors. Built-in bidding strategies for keywords can keep your ads on top. And perhaps most important, you can use the time you’ve saved from bid management to write more compelling ads, and design landing pages and offers that turn visitors into buyers.

You Are Falling Behind on the Latest Innovations

Keeping up with the changes in the search marketing industry can absorb all your work time, and your free time as well. Google adds new capabilities at a dizzying rate and Yahoo! and MSN changes complicate things further.

If you are tired of keeping up with all the new features in the search engine interfaces, consider buying a Pay-per-click Management software package. Pay-per-click Management software vendors monitor the search engines very closely and incorporate best practices into their algorithms. You can run your campaigns with confidence knowing that you’re not missing out on an “insider” secret.

You Don’t Want to Pay Big Agency Fees

If you are tired of paying big agency fees to manage your PPC campaigns, Pay-per-click Management software allows you to bring your campaign in-house without sacrificing quality. There is no difference in basic software functionality between agency and advertiser versions of Pay-per-click Management software.

The software is pretty simple to learn. You set your strategy and the system will take care of the rest. You’ll find that you can often you do a better management job than an agency because you are closer to your company and your market. It’s faster and easier to make adjustments yourself, and you’ll save a bundle on agency fees that your can invest in your search campaigns.

If any of these five signs seem familiar, it’s time to consider investing in a Pay-per-click Management software package.