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HighJump Supply Chain Management Solutions

HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 1,500 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software. HighJump Software solutions for distribution and logistics, direct store delivery (DSD), mobility and manufacturing include: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Route Accounting Systems (RAS), Manufacturing Execution, Mobile Sales, ERP Data Collection.

HighJump Key Strengths

The HighJump™ Warehouse Advantage WMS offers advanced warehouse management functionality to manage even the most complex distribution environments. This powerful WMS helps to ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed, optimized workflow, utilizing the most advanced wireless and bar code technologies, including RFID. Containerization, wave planning and slotting drive further efficiencies.

The HighJump WMS executes strategic processes such as receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment/pick/pack, loading and shipping.

With its adaptable and flexible architecture, the HighJump WMS delivers the functionality you need to maximize operational efficiency and increase throughput—resulting in cost reductions that can significantly improve your bottom line. And with the powerful combination of robust functionality and a uniquely flexible architecture, HighJump Warehouse Advantage enables you to create industry-leading workflows just for your business.

With HighJump you can:

  • Maximize productivity and eliminate redundant processes
  • Achieve up to 100% inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability
  • Synchronize the movement of goods in the warehouse and yard
  • Boost order accuracy, fill rates and on-time shipments
  • Eliminate excess inventory
  • Optimize slotting, wave planning and container packing
  • Improve management control and reporting