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Host Analytics Business Performance Management Solutions

Host Analytics is the leading provider of on-demand corporate and financial performance management solutions. Host Analytics enables organizations to drive improved financial and operational performance by optimizing planning, budgeting, sales forecasting, spending, financial consolidations, and measuring and monitoring performance consistently across the entire organization.

The Host Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite:

  • Helps to uncover previously hidden information to better analyze and report key performance information.
  • Empowers you to easily monitor and plan the ongoing financial, sales and profitability performance of your organization.
  • Delivers it via Software as a Service (SaaS) model for fast time to value.

Host Analytics, a pioneer in providing comprehensive and easy to use CPM solutions, was founded in 2000 and expanded its SaaS offering in 2005 to provide the most comprehensive suite of on-demand Corporate Performance Management at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Merging the technologies of SaaS and CPM provides the strategic innovation that allows companies of all sizes to mitigate the common pitfalls and costs of traditional software licenses and achieve fast time to value. This provides a real opportunity in tough economic times by allowing companies to rent the resources needed to drive the planning process forward to become more strategically managed.

Host Analytics Key Strengths

  • The system is meant to be driven by the finance group, cryptic scripts and macros are replaced by organization rules, validation rules and consolidation rules.
  • Host Scorecard is designed to encapsulate your long term plan and help you become a strategically managed company.
  • Host Revenue Planning can scale to thousands of customers and products and is flexible enough to encapsulate the planning of revenue and cost drivers of long term sales contracts.
  • The Host Control Panel provides workflow management of data collection and reporting so you know where you stand in the process not matter if it is compiling the budget from various sources, collecting financial consolidation information from subsidiaries or the input of key performance indicators that were previously stored in disparate spreadsheets.