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How Email Security Software Makes Your Company More Secure

Protect Your Business with Today’s Advanced Email Security Solutions

An email security software system is crucial to keeping your company, its staff members, its technology architecture, and its mission-critical operations, safe at all times. While your email environment may not seem like the backbone of your day-to-day activities, in reality, it is truly vital to keeping the lines of communication wide open between your employees, as well as with your customers and other external business partners.

On the other hand, your email system can also be a breeding ground for risks that can have detrimental effects on all aspects of your enterprise. That’s why you need to put the appropriate measures in place to fully protect it from the numerous threats that exist.

An email security software package can help to make your company – as well as its workforce, its operations, and its infrastructure – more secure by:

Maximizing Data Protection
Email security software protects your data in two ways. First, it uses advanced data encryption technologies to prevent hackers and other cyber criminals from intercepting confidential company information – such as financial data or customer contact details – as it is transmitted through email messages. Additionally, by protecting your company’s network from viruses and worms, it eliminates the chances that data contained within mission-critical business documents will become corrupted and permanently damaged beyond repair.

Preserving Productivity
When email threats strike, they can bring vital operations to a screeching halt. For example, high volumes of spam, or messages that contain big embedded images or large attached files, can clog email servers and delay the delivery of time-sensitive business correspondence. Or, a virus can shut down an entire email system, preventing users from reaching out to and collaborating with other company stakeholders. With an email security software system in place, problems like these can be completely avoided. So, organizational efficiency is never compromised due to an inability to rapidly communicate.

Preventing Network Performance Problems
Viruses and worms will not only bring down email servers, they can infect your entire network, slowing the performance of business systems and desktops across your organization. Only email security software can prevent these types of threats from damaging critical components of your technology architecture.

Maintaining Employee Morale
For many employees, offensive email content can create feelings of uneasiness and negatively impact morale. Even a dirty joke distributed by a co-worker can make a staff member uncomfortable in the workplace. With email security software systems, companies can block messages with objectionable language or images before the reach their intended recipients.

Safeguarding Employee Privacy
While many “phishing” schemes (where hackers attempt to trick email recipients into divulging personal information such as credit card, bank account, and drivers license numbers, or passwords to secure Web sites) are aimed at individuals through personal email addresses, business email inboxes are not immune to these types of attacks. With email security software, companies can identify and block such fraudulent messages, so employee privacy is never put in jeopardy.