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How Mobile CRM Benefits Your Sales Force

Keep your Sales Pipeline Flowing with an “On-the-Go” CRM Solution

As sales reps travel from one customer site to another, they’ll need unhindered access to complete and timely data to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. Additionally, various activities take place during the course of their travels that can impact the way they interact with existing and potential clients. Mobile CRM solutions help them stay fully connected and well-informed – no matter where they are.

With mobile CRM, sales staff can easily retrieve and update information from cell phones, PDAs, Web-enabled laptops, and other handheld appliances whenever it is needed. As a result, they can:

Better Prepare for Meetings
Whether they’re meeting with an existing customer, or a potential one, sales reps need to be aware of previous interactions in order to make a good impression and structure their “pitch” in the way that will be most successful.

With mobile CRM, they can review timely and accurate information about each client’s history – what products they’ve purchased, the status of their account, what problems or issues they’ve had, or what campaigns and promotions they’ve responded to. As a result, they have the intelligence they need to approach their meetings in the most insightful way possible.

Operate More Efficiently
Mobile CRM solutions can help busy sales staff to be more efficient and productive. The ability to instantly perform background research about an existing or potential customer eliminates the need for them to make numerous phone calls to collect the required information.

Full-featured calendaring and scheduling capabilities help them to better manage their appointments and activities. And, automated tools for order processing and other functions help to eliminate cumbersome manual tasks.

Accelerate Sales Orders
Many mobile CRM solutions allow sales staff members to dynamically create, process, and route sales orders from remote locations. This is particularly important for those reps who rarely visit their home office – since there would be no other efficient way for them to ensure that orders are rapidly handled and fulfilled.

Stay Fully Informed of Critical Events
A client calls the help desk with a massive problem – as the sales rep is on his way to meet with them. Stock has just been depleted on a company’s most popular product, as the top salesman is about to close a huge deal. With mobile CRM, any sales rep, any where can be instantly notified when conditions like this occur. So, they can revise their strategies and plans before their meetings take place.

Document and Share Vital Meeting Information
Key points from the discussions that take place during the course of client meetings must be captured and shared with other stakeholders throughout an organization. For example, production teams may need to be informed if a large order is anticipated, or accounting may need to be notified if the customer is requesting specialized payment terms. Mobile CRM makes this possible, allowing sales reps to instantly document the most important aspects of their meetings, and distribute them or store them for future reference.