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How PC Lifecycle Configuration Management Reduces Costs

Cost Conscious? Find Out How PC Lifecycle Configuration Management Can Save You Money

IT operations are becoming increasingly expensive, and as a result, companies are looking for ways to improve cost-efficiency, without negatively impacting service to end users. A PC lifecycle configuration management solution can help business achieve that goal – boosting the productivity of technical professionals, while enhancing PC performance across the enterprise.

There are numerous ways in which a PC lifecycle configuration management system can help reduce IT related costs. For example:

Increased Efficiency of IT Staff
The average IT staff member earns approximately $30 per hour, according to surveys performed by, a leading provider of solutions and statistics for the compensation management industry. At these high wages, it is important for companies to focus their technical resources on activities that are strategic, and directly impact the achievement of corporate goals.

A PC lifecycle configuration management solution eliminates the routine, repetitive tasks associated with deploying and maintaining end user desktop and laptop computers. New systems can be rapidly implemented and set up, and software can be dynamically installed and updated. So, IT staff members are relieved of cumbersome manual activities, and free to devote the majority of their effort to other mission-critical technology projects.

Improved Security
The damage that can be caused by spyware, malware, data theft, and other risks will cost companies significant amounts of money in terms of lost productivity, system repair and/or replacement, and poor publicity. But, with a PC lifecycle configuration management solution in place, IT departments can ensure that the latest and greatest security solutions are implemented and updated on all company PCs at all times. By making sure that all computers are fully protected, organizations can minimize the potential for related monetary losses.

Reduced End User Downtime
Employees today rely on their computers more than ever before. When PCs aren’t functioning properly, workers find it difficult to maintain optimum productivity, and effectively execute their day-to-day tasks. PC lifecycle configuration management helps IT departments keep laptops and desktops across the enterprise operating at peak levels. So, the systems and applications users need to successfully perform their jobs are always available.

Enhanced Software Vendor Compliance
According to the Business Software Alliance, software piracy is at an all time high. The organization estimates that close to one-third of all software installed on PCs today is done so illegally. That’s why vendors and other industry associations are cracking down on non-compliant companies. In fact, the fines that can be imposed by the US Copyright Act on corporations who violate licensing agreements can be as high as $150,000 for each illegally installed copy of a software application.

Most PC lifecycle configuration management solutions allow IT departments to automatically perform regular audits. So, illegally acquired software can be detected and dynamically removed – before an external audit occurs and fines and penalties are applied.

More Effective License Allocation
The average PC has approximately $390 worth of unused software installed on it, according to an article published by IT Week. And, as any company knows, unused software licenses equal wasted funds. With a PC lifecycle configuration management solution, IT teams can instantly identify any unused software licenses, and reallocate them to other users as needed.