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How POS Software Can Improve Marketing Strategies

There are two ways to integrate an effective upsell into your retail environment: training and technology. Customer-facing employees can be easily trained in the art of the upsell—all it involves is making a simple offer. Most importantly, it requires knowing not just how to make the offer, but what to offer as well. When they see a customer making a purchase, customer-facing employees need to know what potential upsells are available. This calls for a good understanding of your entire product catalog.

For stores with a large number of products however, this can take a lot of time. It’s great when a salesperson sees a customer that wants product “A,” and is able to tell them that product “B” costs only a little more but delivers some extra desirable options, but is it realistic to expect salespeople to have always that knowledge? If you have a large number of products, it’s likely impossible. Luckily, point-of-sale (POS) software solutions can help you fill in the gaps.

On The Sales Floor

You would like for all salespeople—even the novices on their first week on the sales floor—to be equipped with extensive product knowledge. A POS system eliminates the guesswork out by bringing that corporate knowledge on potential upsells directly to the sales system. Whenever an item is brought to the counter, a price check is conducted, or any other action taken at the point-of-sale, the POS software system automatically informs the salesperson of the existing upsell or cross-sell possibility, and provide the salesperson with the relevant information to present to the customer.

On The “Virtual” Sales Floor

For web-based e-commerce, a POS software solution works even better. Upsells and cross-sells can be built directly into the catalog, and we see this in almost all major online retailer storefronts. Click on an item for more information—and besides details about the product itself, you’ll also see details about what other products you may also like, or how you can save money by buying a case of a dozen instead of just one.