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How Your Business Can Benefit from Accounting Software

Financial and accounting processes are among the most mission-critical activities an organization conducts, serving as the backbone of core business operations across the entire company. Therefore, an accounting software package, which is designed to streamline, accelerate, and enhance accounting related tasks and procedures from end-to-end, can deliver dramatic and measurable value to firms of all types.

Accounting Software Improves Data Accuracy

In today’s age of stringent financial reporting guidelines and rigid regulations regarding accounting practices, the accuracy of financial data is more important than ever before. Accounting software fully automates financial transactions and related activities, reduces errors caused by manual data entry, and improves information consistency and integrity.

Accounting Software Helps Maintain Compliance

Sarbanes Oxley, BASEL II, and other laws have put accounting and finance teams under tremendous pressure in recent years, forcing them to constantly find new ways to minimize risk of non-compliance and avoid severe penalties. With an accounting software application, reporting and analysis, auditing, data management, transaction tracking, and other core activities that directly impact adherence to regulatory standards are dramatically enhanced. As a result, companies can facilitate faster and more effective compliance. Additionally, accounting software offers the flexibility businesses need to adapt activities and adjust procedures and workflows as needed.

Increased Staff Productivity

Staff members in most finance departments are bogged down with cumbersome, labor-intensive, paper-heavy processes that waste time and distract them from more important and strategic activities. An accounting software solution minimizes the administrative burden placed on finance professionals by automating routine, repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus more of their time and effort on those processes that directly impact revenue generation and business growth.

Accounting Software can Lead to Higher Revenues

An accounting software system provides financial analysts, line of business managers, and senior company executives with complete, unhindered, 360 degree visibility into the organization’s financial status and performance. This insight can dramatically improve financial planning, budget management, and strategic decision-making, resulting in a greater revenue stream and a solid boost to profitability.

New Opportunities

With an accounting software solution, and the robust, in-depth ad hoc reporting and analysis capabilities it can offer, businesses can dig deep into their vital financial data, to uncover and understand the critical trends and patterns that positively and negatively impact corporate performance. Armed with this intelligence, executives can identify new opportunities to improve enterprise-wide operations, leverage new income streams, tap into new markets, and increase cost-efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

Finance departments are often the hub of any corporation, frequently interacting with other departments and business units across the organization, as well as external constituents such as suppliers and vendors, third-party payroll processors, clients, and other business partners. Accounting software allows for rapid, dynamic, and effective information-sharing among these many groups, enabling greater communication and collaboration across and outside an enterprise.