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Hyperic IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Hyperic provides complete, easy-to-use monitoring and management software for all types of web applications, whether hosted in the cloud or on premise. You can use it to streamline operations, manage infrastructure complexity, and drive service level improvements. Two versions are available:

  • Hyperic HQ Open Source—Hyperic’s open source offering is licensed under GNU GPL v2.
  • Hyperic HQ Enterprise—Hyperic’s enterprise edition, available under a commercial license, has all the capabilities of the open source edition, plus advanced automation and control features for managing web applications at scale.


Hyperic is used by companies across the spectrum of industries who need to manage internal infrastructure, externally consumed web applications, and hosted services, including:

  • MSPs responsible for maintaining uptime on thousands of websites.
  • SaaS vendors with tens of thousands or millions of customers.
  • Web giants that must scale to handle upwards of a million new users per month.
  • Fortune 100 enterprises whose executives need clear insight into data center and application performance metrics for making quicker business decisions.


Hyperic was founded in 2004. Hyperic has since built a management team of veterans with track records of success in open source, systems management, traditional software and SaaS. Hyperic is constantly extending its leadership position in systems management.