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IFS ERP Manufacturing Solutions IFS ERP Manufacturing Solutions

IFS Applications is marketed as an on-demand business application. Its component-based architecture provides for fast, step-by-step implementation, which lets companies get rapid payback by adding new functionality without waiting for a major overhaul.

IFS continues to build its reputation on its component technology, aligning each component with clearly defined responsibilities and interfaces so that different technologies can be mixed and matched, added, upgraded, and replaced – giving customers the freedom of choice.

IFS Manufacturing Software

Highlights of IFS manufacturing functionality include:

  • Provides a simple, highly automated flow for taking care of repetitious tasks together with advanced management-by-exception functionality.
  • Simultaneously handles complex processes, like engineer-to-order manufacturing.
  • Supports planning, execution, control, and analysis in most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process, and for all employees in the organization.
  • Simplified planning and control – provides the user with the flexibility to reduce and streamline much of the administration and the complexities of rescheduling associated with traditional production orders.
  • Continuous cost reduction – delivers powerful support for analyzing where reductions can be made. The powerful graphical tools provide advanced analysis such as break-even and optimal price based on elasticity.
  • Demand planning – provides a highly collaborative, graphical and interactive tool for forecasting and collaborative demand planning. It can be used to create both short and long term forecasts and for the creation of demand plans as a basis for sales planning, budgeting, master scheduling and inventory control.
  • Provides smart analysis functionality that enables companies to plan against finite capacity to ensure that production does not start too late or too early.
  • Open and standard technology provides customers with the functionality to integrate with their manufacturing equipment and shop floor terminals.
  • Supports both serial and lot tracking and enables the user to select the alternative that best suits their needs.
  • Produces the data that is necessary to operate an after-sales management that provides customers with a cost-effective and efficient after sales service.
  • Enables companies to re-use their designs and manufacturing data thereby considerably shorten lead times.

IFS Corporate Background

The company has a solid, growing presence in the North American business software market. IFS North America serves medium-size to large companies in a variety of key industries, including aerospace and defense, industrial manufacturing, automotive, high-tech, construction, and process industries such as food and beverage.

IFS’ global headquarters are in Sweden. The company’s North American headquarters are in Schaumburg, IL.