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iLinc Web Conferencing Solutions

Founded in 1998, iLinc is a leading provider of Web and video conferencing software and services. The iLinc platform itself – LearnLinc – was one of the very first web conferencing/virtual classroom systems ever, developed out of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 1993 under the leadership of Jack M. Wilson, Ph. D. (current President of the University of Massachusetts). Through grants from AT&T, Intel and others, Dr. Wilson and his team built a foundation of technologies that have enabled iLinc to focus on a customer-centric approach to secure, scalable, engaging web-based sessions.

The company’s suite of four products includes iLinc for Meetings, iLinc for Learning (an award winning Virtual Classroom System), iLinc for Webinars, and iLinc for Support. The iLinc Enterprise Suite is included for organizations with each of these needs and includes all four products. Of course, iLinc offerings satisfy the fundamental requirements for real-time, web-based collaboration, but iLinc continues to focus on features and/or function that will increase overall usability for session leaders and/or assistants.

For example, iLinc adds “Region Sharing” to the standard Desktop and Application Sharing features so users can securely restrict and auto-zoom what participants see on their screen. Additionally, iLinc includes base Learning Management System (LMS) functionality for groups in need of a system to track completion of specific sessions. In addition to allowing users to upload PowerPoint presentations and other documents, iLinc includes base Content Management System (CMS) features to help centralize documents and content across the organization. Additionally, users can easily stream multimedia-based content to participants using Media Link.

Because iLinc is extremely focused on improving the overall user experience for every role, customers can deploy the solution to virtually any type of team in days. Marketing can start planning for and delivering engaging webinars to drive better quality leads. Sales can start having more stimulating team meetings while each salesperson leads “face-to-face” sales demos with customers and prospects. Customer and Technical Support teams can decrease call times and increase customer satisfaction by solving issues faster. Development teams can get more from agile sprint meetings or eXtreme development sessions. Product teams can launch products faster; learn more from customers and train partners better.

iLinc products help every user get more out of their day. Simple business meetings are more efficient, sales demos are more impactful, training sessions transfer more knowledge, and webinars are more engaging. The company sells its software solutions to large Fortune 5,000 companies, small and medium-sized corporations, government agencies and higher education institutions. To date, iLinc has approximately 2,100 customers.

iLinc markets its products using a direct sales force as well as a distribution channel consisting of agents and value added resellers. iLinc marketing has aggressively developed a plan that incorporates public relations, tradeshows, Web events, Web marketing initiatives, and direct marketing efforts messaged in campaigns that speak to the growing needs of target markets.

iLinc Key Strengths

  • User Experience: According to Forrester Research, “iLinc’s web conferencing solution provides strong interaction and presentation features… The product’s strengths include many UI customization options.”
  • Strength in Virtual Classroom: While iLinc has successfully expanded its product line to address all segments of the web conferencing market, its roots in training have provided a strong foothold in training-related use cases, including success in the state and federal government, technology and financial verticals, and higher education.
  • Multi-Person Video: For organizations moving toward enabling users with simple webcams, iLinc’s approach to multi-point video conferencing makes it easy to add a face-to-face component to online sessions. iLinc offers complete audio integration with web conferencing via Premiere Global, ConferencePlus, and iLinc’s own integrated audio conferencing solution.
  • “iLinc for Salesforce” Integration: Enables marketing and sales organizations to automate the processes that help qualify and quantify new leads generated from webinars. Additionally, it enables teams to better track any sales or product training program designed to increase efficiency and/or revenue. Of course, this integration also helps sales and support personnel to host more meetings with customers and prospects.
  • iLinc Green Meter: This patent-pending technology is the only tool that provides an organization with a measureable way to track cost savings gained through the use of web and video conferencing. This tool is customizable and includes reports that demonstrate real ROI in terms of dollars saved, miles not traveled and even the amount of carbon emissions not produced by meeting online rather than traveling.