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Increasing Buyer Satisfaction with eCommerce Software

Buyer satisfaction is crucial to an online retailer’s ability to succeed. This article highlights the ways in which eCommerce software helps ensure the most positive customer experience possible.

Service and a Smile: eCommerce Software Leads to Buyer Satisfaction
Buyer satisfaction is vital to an online retailer’s ability to achieve and sustain profitability. As such, eCommerce software can help Web stores make shopping as convenient and pleasurable as possible for customers.

In the highly competitive world of retail, it’s no secret that it costs more to entice a new customer than it does to sell additional products and services to an existing one. The online retail industry is no exception.

Creating awareness among new buyers through online advertising and promotions, search engine optimization, and other marketing initiatives requires a tremendous amount of time and money. But compelling a previous shopper to return to make additional purchases can be accomplished at a lower cost and with much less effort.

eCommerce software solutions are designed to enhance the shopper experience from end-to-end. Online retailers can choose from a variety of pre-developed design templates, so visitors arrive at a site that is visually appealing and memorable, and that conveys an image of professionalism.

The advanced search facilities within eCommerce software make it easy for shoppers to browse through the entire catalog of offerings or to quickly locate the specific products they need.

eCommerce software allows Web stores to provide customers with complete product descriptions, including features lists, pricing, configurations (for customizable products), and photos. Some of the more advanced solutions even allow shoppers to perform side-by-side comparisons of similar products, or enable the creation of customer reviews, so shoppers can read a previous buyer’s feedback about a specific product or service.

The entire checkout process is also fully-automated from start to finish, accelerating all related tasks and allowing buyers to complete their purchases as rapidly as possible. For example:

  • eCommerce software allows shoppers to make “on the fly” changes to their orders as they are being placed. Quantities, shipping options, and payment methods can all be modified at the last minute, as needed.
  • All item sub-totals and totals (if multiple items are purchased) and taxes are instantly calculated, so the buyers can see their final cost before their order is submitted.
  • Because most eCommerce software packages can seamlessly integrate with third-party payment gateways such as PayPal, Discover Network, Mastercard, and Visa, buyers are presented with the most flexible payment options possible.
  • eCommerce software can link directly to systems maintained by third-party shipping service providers, so buyers can dynamically estimate the time and costs involved in product delivery and compare prices and anticipated delivery dates.
  • And finally, once an order has been placed, customers can track the status in real-time. They can see when the item or items shipped, when they are expected to be delivered, etc.

By leveraging the value that an eCommerce software package can provide, you can create a truly superior environment for customers to shop in. This will lead to repeat business, as well as positive word of mouth. Studies show that happy shoppers are very likely to recommend your site to their friends and family members.