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Insala Talent Management Solutions

Founded in 1996, Insala is a leading global provider of integrated talent management solutions that develop world-class working environments linking people, strategy and performance. The Insala Solution Suite spans succession planning, career development, performance management, leadership development, employee surveys, mentoring, and coaching and transition. Delivering unique solutions through advanced technology, content and consulting services, Insala solutions offer sustainable, measurable value, with long-term impact for organizations worldwide.

Insala’s sponsorship of the HCI Next Generation Leadership Development webcast learning series especially aligns with its mission and goal of providing integrated talent management solutions to organizations that enable them to develop world-class working environments linking people, strategy and performance. This commitment affirms Insala’s support of leadership development strategies including embracing and leveraging generational differences enabling organizational competitiveness amid global workforce shifts.

Organizations exist because of their human talent. Managing that talent means more than just making sure employees accomplish specific goals or objectives set for them during the performance appraisal event: it means ensuring there is a planned, organized strategy that recognizes and fosters an individual’s natural abilities, endowments, characteristics, motivations, and/or general intelligence. “Developing, promoting and fostering these talents begins through talent attraction and on-boarding and continues through employment and career transition,” notes Judy Corner, SME and Practice Manager with Insala.

Insala’s integrated solutions ensure talent management is not something done to an individual, but a series of events done with an individual. Cultivating talent is the responsibility of both the organization and the individual – this collaboration ensures leadership is not connected to a job title, but to an individual’s personal focus.

Insala is headquartered in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and London, United Kingdom, with offices in New York, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa and Australia. Insala’s network of Consulting Partners spans the United States and Canada, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Insala Key Strengths

  • The Insala Solution Suite of user-friendly software gives organizations the power and flexibility to meet the challenges of today’s talent shortage in a competitive marketplace. Insala’s internationally recognized web-based selection of products are designed to offer organizations the ability to engage, retain and develop staff in their evolving career development cycles, while significantly increasing profits.
  • Insala’s talent management product delivers easily accessible online software modules that serve as a platform for organizations to clearly communicate corporate goals and methodology while enabling the transfer of knowledge, building leadership and coaching skills as well as contributing to a positive company culture.
  • The company’s solution suite further promotes better understanding of professional responsibilities and ultimately aids in the retention, growth and development of a highly productive and engaged workforce. Organizations realize a substantial cost savings gained from the latest flexible web based technology now part of the Insala Solution Suite.
  • Insala partners with organizations to develop and deliver business strategy solutions and maximize Human Capital in today’s competitive and changing economic and social environment. The company’s partnerships enable it to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions that allow you to develop a world-class working environment that links people with performance.