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Interwoven Content Management Solutions

Interwoven is a global leader in content management solutions. Interwoven’s software and services enable organizations to maximize online business performance and organize, find, and govern business content. Interwoven solutions unlock the value of content by delivering the right content to the right person in the right context at the right time. Interwoven targets three distinct audiences:

Global enterprises depend on Interwoven to maximize online business performance by streamlining the way you create, deliver, and optimize online content. Interwoven solutions power over 15,000 Websites, intranets, extranets, and portals globally—helping companies deliver billions of Web pages every day.

Professional services firms, legal firms, accounting firms, and management consultancies depend on Interwoven to maximize their performance and organize, find, and govern business content. Interwoven helps these organizations improve their practices, mitigate regulatory risk, streamline processes, and enhance client service. Professional services firms use our solutions to manage the entire client engagement lifecycle, share information securely throughout their business and with clients, boost worker efficiency, enhance mobile productivity, and retain all client related information—including e-mails—in one place.

Interwoven addresses the unique needs of the Global Capital Markets (GCM) financial community. Today, 24 of the top 30 global dealers and investment managers rely on Interwoven GCM solutions to transact billions of dollars in derivatives every day with solutions for:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives processing automation
  • Full lifecycle trade and counterparty documentation management
  • Universal connectivity for trade-related communications

Interwoven Key Strengths

Interwoven Solutions for the Enterprise helps organizations optimize their online business performance by creating and deploying content-rich Websites, accelerating time-to-Web, delivering dynamic customer experiences, and maximizing marketing investments.

Interwoven Web Content Management platform lets organizations transform their online presence, protect the online brand, comply with corporate governance standards, and improve operational efficiency across all Web-based initiatives.

Interwoven Segmentation & Analytics solution enables marketers to deliver compelling and relevant online experiences, target content, and offers to high-value segments, and optimize the return on customer interactions based on analyzed behavior. This results in increased conversions, greater competitive differentiation, and more interactive dialogues with customers.

Interwoven Multivariable Optimization solution allows marketers to create and test the most effective combinations of copy, offers, and layouts to drive a dramatic increase in online sales, registrations, and other forms of conversion.

Interwoven Marketing Asset Management solution drives effective, agile content reuse, maximizing marketing investments through the unified management of critical elements of marketing programs.

Interwoven Composite Application Provisioning solution standardizes the way code, content, and configuration changes are aggregated, synchronized, and deployed to Web sites. This solution increases efficiency, reduces operational costs, accelerates application time-to-market, and eliminates error-prone, manual release processes.

Interwoven Collaborative Document Management improves business agility to get to market faster, accelerate the deals and contract process, and grow revenue by improving the value chain of teams of people and content, both inside and outside of the enterprise.