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Kaseya Remote Support Solutions

Kaseya was founded in 2000 to address the networking, desktop and security issues facing small- and mid-size businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. The company merged with Adivio Software, which was founded by Platinum Software veteran Gerald Blackie who became CEO of the combined company in 2003. The idea for the Kaseya solution was born when the corporate founders combined and leveraged their years of experience in the networking, security and desktop worlds.

This strategic convergence of leadership experience and expertise has given Kaseya a unique knowledge of the technologies required to develop a comprehensive remote support solution; an understanding of the customer problems associated with implementing, managing and securing the network; and an appreciation of the channel dynamics inherent in distributing products in the mid sized business technology market.

The rapid global growth and emphasis on eBusiness and the technology that fuels it has resulted in companies scrambling to find solutions to managing an ever-increasing level of IT and system administration tasks. Kaseya’s vision is to create a solution that supports the management resources in place at an organization – whether those resources are internal, external, or both – to work through these complex business issues. Today, Kaseya is using the combined experience of its founders and the practical experience of its growing list of world-class partners to deliver a market leading solution that will help fuel the growth of companies in any industry.

Kaseya Strengths

  • Kaseya gives businesses the ability to proactively manage distributed IT infrastructure easily and efficiently with one integrated Web-based platform.
  • The company’s leading-edge technology has been deployed on over 1 million machines in over 25 countries around the world.
  • The Kaseya Managed Service Framework is designed for IT administrators who need to reduce complexity, and increase productivity and managed service providers that want to pass those benefits to their customers and increase their own profit margins.
  • Kaseya’s growing customer base reports the company’s integrated web-based platform is complete, powerful, secure, and easy to deploy and administer.
  • The company’s emPower out-tasking toolkits and education offerings let businesses extend their ability to provide a full range of IT service capabilities by leveraging Kaseya’s skilled service professionals, to provide cost effective technology offerings that can evolve as the enterprise grows.