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Key Features of Lead Management Software

Lead management software offers a wide range of features to enhance the handling of sales and marketing opportunities from end to end. This article highlights the key capabilities and functions of today’s most popular lead management software packages.

The Advanced Functionality of Today’s Lead Management Software

Some of the key features of today’s most popular lead management software systems include:

Automated Capture
Most companies leverage multiple marketing channels to increase awareness and identify potential prospects. That’s why many lead management software packages can dynamically collect contact information from campaign respondents through the web, email, or any other integrated marketing medium. Additionally, most lead management software solutions enable rapid import of existing prospect lists – from sources like Outlook or Excel – with dynamic de-duping features to eliminate the risk of repeat contact entries.

Intelligent Routing
Every company assigns leads to reps using different criteria. Some base it solely on geography, while others employ sales reps who specialize in specific industries or products. With a lead management software system, new opportunities can be automatically assigned and routed to the appropriate rep’s inbox, based on pre-determined characteristics. This accelerates follow-up by ensuring that leads are instantly distributed to and received by the right person.

Lead Activity Scheduling and Tracking
Sales reps are quite busy, and simply can’t keep track of which leads they have already contacted – and which ones they need to. That’s why lead management software allows them to monitor all previous activities, such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and other correspondence. Additionally, lead management software can send scheduled email communications to contacts as they are being qualified, and remind reps when follow-up outreach needs to be performed. This helps guarantee that all opportunities are properly nurtured, and that none fall through the cracks.

Reporting and Analysis
Lead management software allows organizations to utilize powerful reporting and analysis capabilities to track acquisition rates, conversion statistics, close ratios, and other vital metrics. This provides them with the intelligence they need to assess the success of promotional efforts, determine return on sales and marketing investment, evaluate the quality and viability of leads generated, and improve performance measurement and management. Additionally, lead management software allows companies to uncover critical patterns and trends in order to identify the factors that have the most impact on successful deals. As a result, they can make ongoing improvements in their sales and marketing processes and programs to maximize effectiveness.

Advanced Security
Contact information, and data about related activities, is highly confidential. Many reps want to keep it protected from not only unauthorized external threats, but from other “competing” reps within their own companies. Lead management software helps protect the integrity of opportunity information through cutting-edge security mechanisms. As a result, outside breach risks are virtually eliminated, while internal sales reps can see only those leads that fall under their specific territory or area of responsibility.

As you can see, lead management software is a robust technology application that combines techniques and processes with a full suite of automated tools, to enhance the way sales and marketing professionals acquire, share, handle, and track the leads they generate. With a lead management software solution in place, companies can boost close rates, revenues, and market share by more effectively leveraging each and every opportunity they come across.