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KeywordMax Search Marketing Solutions

KeywordMax is a division of Direct Response Technologies, Inc.). Direct Response Technologies, Inc. was sold to Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV) in January 2006.

KeywordMax is an affordable service that is designed specifically for keyword tracking, click auditing, and keyword bid management. It is used by SEO companies, merchants, and interactive agencies to manage keyword bids and to quickly evaluate the ROI from sources like Overture, Google Adwords, FindWhat, Kanoodle, MSN, Yahoo, free engines, paid inclusion services, and all types of pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

KeywordMax offers several powerful tools to manage your paid search. These include:

KeywordBuilder: generate keywords and estimate the volume of traffic that you can expect from your campaign. KeywordBuilder compiles data from the top engines, including Overture and Google. To use Keyword builder, you enter a list of keywords either directly into the tool or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.

ROI Tracker allows you to measure the performance of your online campaigns in real time. See you sales activity from sources including Yahoo!, Google Adwords, free/natural searches, paid inclusion, newsletters, banners, and other types of campaigns.

BidDirector manages keyword bids on pay-per-click search engines. You can quickly check the status of your bids, see who is bidding against you, and receive email updates and log reports on every bid change made to your account.

Click Auditor monitors the activity on your PPC accounts and provides you with detailed reports on all suspicious activity.