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LANDesk IT Asset Management

Since 1985, LANDesk has created innovative technologies and products for enterprise IT management.

LANDesk IT asset management software, LANDesk Asset Manager enables you to collect and maintain complete, current and useful IT asset data across the enterprise. LANDesk® inventory management is built-in to the entire LANDesk product line to help you maintain complete and accurate system and application data, then turn that data into knowledge to enable change and configuration management across the enterprise. With LANDesk Asset Manager you can:

  • Track any kind of IT asset, including office equipment, phones, contracts and maintenance agreements.
  • Analyze software use for license planning and reclamation.
  • Determine and report compliance to internal or external audits.
  • Resolve user problems using the most current data.
  • Plan hardware and software updates.
  • Select targets for software, OS, or file set distributions.
  • Develop, implement and report on enterprise-wide IT standards.
  • Monitor lease status and remove outdated hardware from lease status.
  • LANDesk Asset Manager supports Windows, NetWare, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and handheld operating systems.


LANDesk Asset Manager contains the elements identified by industry analysts as the core for effective IT asset management—computer autodiscovery and inventory, software usage monitoring and a unified asset repository. That means that the LANDesk solution is ready to help you implement industry best practices for asset management, and to meet the guidelines established in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other standards.

LANDesk® management solutions are translated into multiple languages and are installed on tens of millions of nodes at leading companies around the globe. LANDesk is an Avocent company.