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Limelight Networks Web Content Management Solutions

San Francisco-based Limelight Networks, Inc. develops on demand Web content management solutions. The company’s platform enables non-technical business users to publish sophisticated Web sites, reduce costs, grow revenues, manage brands and foster stronger customer relationships.

Conceived from the ground up to be a true multi-tenant platform, Limelight Networks unites Software as a Service with a secure, scalable and database-agnostic backend and an agile programming methodology that allows for the continuous evolution of the platform. Unique workflows enable high volume Web publishers and enterprise marketers to create, analyze, and instantly edit or reposition content of multiple types, from multiple sources for maximum user impact and advertising revenue.

Today, Limelight Networks’s agile programming practices and continuous innovation give its customers the means to stay ahead of the market without heavy investments in IT. The company’s open APIs let customers incorporate the latest, greatest applications from other vendors.

The bottom-line benefit to organizations is tangible: monthly costs are predictable. Nine years’ experience empowering some of the industry’s most prolific Web content publishers have made the Limelight Networks Platform the fastest, most flexible, most fully featured SaaS solution there is for Web Content Management and Marketing.

Limelight Networks Key Strengths

  • Limelight Networks’s business and passion is to empower its customers–helping them to eliminate their problems—unfriendly, complicated, on premise content management systems, limited resources, lack of innovation, rising costs, and IT dependence—and enable them to focus on what they do best.
  • As an innovative thought leader, Limelight Networks provides the latest in on demand Web Content Management technology and expertise to achieve individual Web-optimization objectives. Innovation is customer focused. The company listens to, learns with, and succeeds alongside its clients, fellow employees and partners.
  • Limelight Networks’s agile programming practices and its responsiveness to customer needs means its WCM Platform evolves at Web speed. Instead of several monolithic releases a year, Limelight Networks continuously updates the Platform with new features—as many as 400 in an 18 month period. These are seamlessly integrated into the platform, with no interruption of service.
  • Unlike the “traditional” model, where proprietary hardware and software consume all the technology budget, the Limelight Networks Platform as a Service empowers customers to create the unique applications most important to their business goals. Freed from the expense of owning and maintaining hardware and software—struggling to “keep the lights on”—your IT teams can now become business heroes.