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ManageSoft IT Solutions

ManageSoft is a leading provider of software management and compliance solutions that help enterprises gain control, ensure compliance and optimize the deployment of business-critical IT and software assets.

ManageSoft IT solutions are based on open industry SAM, ISO and ITIL standards and ManageSoft contributes to defining future standards with membership in IBSMA, IAITAM, itSMF, BSA, and Microsoft SAM.

ManageSoft IT solutions include applications for managing business intelligence tools, security patches, Windows deployments, and handheld devices. The company also offers services such as requirements analysis, custom integration, software packaging, process design, and training.

The company is headquartered in Boston, MA and has offices in United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. ManageSoft has received investments from Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Atila Ventures/ETV, and Technology Venture Partners.

ManageSoft Deployment Manager is the company’s complete inventory and asset tracking solution. The software allows you to deliver, install, and manage any software, including application upgrades and patches, for any of your computer platforms anywhere in the world. You are able to manage the entire lifecycle simply by declaring as policy what should be installed on computers used by any enterprise unit, job role, or end-user.

ManageSoft Deployment Manager provides far-reaching discovery, augmented with both inventory snapshots and on-going dynamic inventory reporting. Features and benefits include:

  • True zero-touch inventory snapshots — Zero-touch inventory can be automated to run whenever you need to baseline a project or negotiate with third parties.
  • Automated discovery — Find all the hardware and software assets on your network, including those hiding behind routers. When the time is right, automatically adopt computers into management.
  • On-going, dynamic inventory — No IT environment is ever truly a steady state! Regular inventory gathering across managed devices will alert you to any changes, at whatever level of detail you select.
  • A unified inventory view — Get inventory on demand combining platforms, and connected and mobile systems, in a single set of reports.
  • Extension to full asset management and trend analysis — ManageSoft Deployment Manager is built to integrate with ManageSoft Compliance Manager, to easily convert inventory into assets. It also integrates with ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence, to provide industry leading trend analysis and predictive management.


Founded in 1990, ManageSoft is headquartered in Boston with sales offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco & New York; and regional operations in Europe and Asia Pacific.