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MerchandiZer Shopping Cart Review

MerchandiZer Software is a leader in ecommerce and shopping cart technology with its top rated online shopping cart software, MerchandiZer. The flagship product caters to small to medium sized businesses looking to sell online. MerchandiZer provides everything a merchant or web developer needs to build and maintain a professional storefront, monitor traffic, create and manage a website, get complete sales & marketing reports, track shipments, and perform promotional activity.

What MerchandiZer does

MechandiZer provides an advanced catalog management and shopping cart software system for merchants that want the best possible performance and highest reliability at a reasonable price. With MerchandiZer Shopping Cart technology, merchants can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to merchandise their products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute products over the World Wide Web.

Satisfied Customers

Dole-Plantation, Hyatt Hotels, Crystal Cruise Lines, Yomega, New Balance Vancouver, COM2001, Xerox Engineering Systems

Shopping Cart Product(s)

MerchandiZer Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Software Key Features

  • Quickly organize your products for display.
  • Create product categories, catalog items, and upload pictures of your products.
  • Edit sales orders, enter tracking numbers, and send instant email confirmations to your staff and your customers.
  • Keep accurate records of your customers and their orders.
  • Create reports that track sales and site usage.
  • Track inventory levels for all the products in your store.
  • Update product information using rapid entry screens for speed and efficiency.
  • Associate complimentary products to encourage shoppers to purchase others that are similar. (Cross-Selling)
  • Export your sales information in industry standard formats compatible with popular accounting packages.
  • MerchandiZer is compatible with most major credit card payment processing solutions.

Shopping Cart Software Highlight

Professional Website Promotion & Online Marketing for e-Commerce are essential for your online business longevity and profitability; you can’t sell to customers that can’t find your web site. We are pleased to offer our clients the very best in search engine optimization and online marketing options for budgets and profit goals of all shapes and sizes.

Online Shop Technology

MerchandiZer’s shopping cart platform configuration gives you complete control of all your online E Commerce activities. You can quickly and easily access all the business resources including Customer Management, Product Management, Order Management and more. MerchandiZer is available as a web-based software so businesses can get started right away.

Bottom Line

MerchandiZer ecommerce shopping cart solutions help online stores increase the efficiency, convenience, speed, accuracy, and customer reach. The Shopping Cart technology is easy to use as well. To get started users need to simply enter information about their products and select a pre-made template. MerchandiZer shopping cart software is a robust tool with features that are not usually available in other ecommerce products in the same price range. MerchandiZer T is web-based software that allows the quick and easy creation of an online catalog and storefront. Since its inception, the company has focused on listening to merchants’ needs and making decisions based on them. This process has kept the company successful, customers happy and the software constantly on the cutting-edge.