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Microsoft CRM Software Review

Many smaller businesses looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution include Microsoft CRM software in their evaluations.

Microsoft CRM is a robust package designed to address the needs of mid-sized businesses, or satisfy the requirements of individual departments within larger enterprises. With Microsoft CRM software, companies can achieve higher productivity and greater sales success by leveraging rich CRM functionality such as account and contact management, order processing and tracking, lead management, competitive monitoring, and workflow coordination.

Additionally, Microsoft CRM software enhances cross-department collaboration with broad functionality that spans both sales and customer support operations. So critical data can be viewed, updated, and shared across multiple teams in real-time.

Microsoft CRM software offers:

  • Integration. Of course, Microsoft CRM can be seamlessly integrated with commonly-used Microsoft applications such as Office or Dynamics Financial Management. But, it can also utilize SOAP/XML to link to ERP and other third-party business systems, to provide complete insight into customer activities and information.
  • Customization. Microsoft CRM software allows for customized configurations of data schemas, forms, and business processes, so the solution can be tailored to meet each company’s unique needs.
  • Convenient access. Microsoft CRM software offers flexible access methods, and can be utilized directly through Outlook, or via the Web.
  • Reporting. The reporting capabilities within the Microsoft CRM software package enable users to rapidly generate forecasts, monitor activities, measure sales and service performance, uncover critical trends, and identify opportunities.

Microsoft also focuses much of its development efforts on solution usability, and strives to make its customer relationship management offering the most user-friendly solution on the market today. The Microsoft CRM interface, much like the interface of other Microsoft applications, is highly intuitive, and enables users to get up-and-running quickly with minimal training.

The next major release of Microsoft CRM software, expected some time in mid-2007, will further facilitate integration with other Microsoft applications by leveraging the new features within the latest version of Microsoft Office. Additionally, it will offer a more robust architecture that will help further accelerate deployment and minimize maintenance.