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MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions

MicroStrategy Incorporated is a worldwide provider of business intelligence software that enables companies to report, analyze and monitor the data stored across their enterprise. MicroStrategy provides sophisticated analytical performance to every business user in the format that suits them best, from high-level dashboards to custom reports and advanced analysis via e-mail, Web, fax, wireless and voice communication channels.

The company provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that helps leading organizations make better business decisions every day.

MicroStrategy’s flagship BI solution, MicroStrategy 8, is an integrated business intelligence platform that’s designed to enable organizations to consolidate business intelligence applications onto a single platform for smarter, faster, and more comprehensive reporting, analysis and monitoring of real-time business information that drives greater performance and greater bottom-line growth.

MicroStrategy Key Strengths

  • MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions enable improved and more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of every business person in the enterprise. The company’s technology offers an unprecedented range of monitoring, reporting, and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow every-one to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance goals.
  • The company’s solution product, MicroStrategy 8, is the first and only business intelligence architecture to unify reporting, analysis, and real-time business monitoring into one seamless experience for the business user, into one efficient and scalable architecture for the IT professional, and into one economical and extensible utility for the CIO.
  • The MicroStrategy 8 platform consists of product components, such as Intelligence Server, a foundation for the BI platform; Report Services, the enterprise reporting engine that delivers a range of enterprise reports, including production and operational reports, managed metrics reports, and scorecards; OLAP Services, an extension of Intelligence Server that allows Web and desktop users to manipulate Intelligent Cubes databases.
  • MicroStrategy provides a robust, holistic business view of enterprise data. Users do not need to understand databases, table structures, or query languages — just how to point and click. MicroStrategy’s workflow guides help users “drill” into detail as represented by their business model, not their database model. With drill anywhere capabilities, users can view summary- to detail-level data, with access to the entire breadth and depth of data contained in a database.
  • “MicroStrategy 8 is reporting at its finest. With an outstanding/unique focus on reporting, it offers an effortless convergence of reporting and analysis not available in other business intelligence pro-ducts. Our users will be able to see exactly how their reports look as they build them, without having to go into a separate design mode. As a result, we envision faster report writing production.” — Meredith Corporation