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MiraPoint Email Security

Founded in 1997, Mirapoint is a market leader in appliance-based solutions for secure message networks in enterprise, service provider, and education organizations, with more than 115 million mailboxes served and secured worldwide.

Mirapoint makes network appliances designed to route, store, and process incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses, spam, and user access policies. Combining messaging and server software with hardware, the company’s messaging tools are designed to work with a variety of mail formats and to integrate with existing email applications, wireless devices, and Web-based systems.

Mirapoint solutions power the message networks for over 800 customers worldwide, including some of the largest service providers and mobile operators, as well as enterprises, education, and government institutions.

Customers use Mirapoint appliances, including the Message Server mail appliance and the RazorGate mail security appliance, to build the messaging infrastructure that intelligently serves, secures and manages email. Key strengths of Mirapoint’s email security solutions include:

  • Mirapoint’s RazorGate messaging security solution is billed as the only email security appliance on the market today to deliver true appliance features such as proven 99.999% uptime, a hardened OS (MOS) that has never been hacked, lights out management, hot swappable drives, and the ability to rebuild the unit locally.
  • As an integrated feature of its RazorGate product, Mirapoint’s MailHurdle connection management technology provides a unique and innovative filtering approach that blocks up to 80% of threats at the network edge before a network bandwidth, storage, processor, and administration resources are wasted.
  • Using a localized reputation-based blocking policy, MailHurdle gives customers the ability to let business partners in based on their knowledge of their reputation. This is a unique technique that lets customers set reputation locally and not risk having emails blocked from partners while keeping other known bad users from sending email through the network.
  • RazorGate’s RAPID Anti-Spam technology continuously utilizes information collected on a global basis from network probes to identify and block email spam outbreaks in real-time. RAPID Anti-Spam is equally effective against spam, fraud, phishing and malware.
  • Anti-Virus technology is applied through RazorGate’s RAPID Anti-Virus, which adds an additional layer of real-time protection. This Zero Hour Virus Protection uses information collected on a global basis from a network of over 30 million probes to address emerging threats. RAPID Anti-Virus helps customers identify viruses within minutes of an outbreak without stopping the flow of SMTP traffic while scanning occurs, which reduces latency of messages into the network.
  • As part of its total commitment to providing a complete strategy for email, Mirapoint in June of 2007 announced its Comprehensive Mobile Access Plan, its strategy to ensure that enterprise mobility receives the same level of security and reliability that Mirapoint offers in the company’s email and collaboration.

Mirapoint offers the total package in appliance-based email security. Its email server, archiving and security appliances offer carrier-class, 99.999 percent uptime reliability and the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

The company’s Message Server is currently the industry’s only dedicated appliance that integrates email routing, storage, access and management. Plus, Mirapoint’s RazorGate email security appliances provide multi-layered protection at the network edge to block hackers, spam, and virus threats, with spam and virus catch-rates upwards of 98 percent.

Mirapoint’s Messaging Reporter delivers a holistic view of spam, virus, and email trends across the messaging network. And finally, the Mirapoint Directory Server serves as the backbone to the messaging infrastructure, providing a foundation for storing and managing message routing information, user profiles, and access privileges. When combining all elements of its solution offering, Mirapoint appliances deliver a secure messaging infrastructure to enterprises worldwide.