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Need Warehouse Software? There’s an App for That

If you’ve been thinking about warehouse software, you’ve probably come across many vendors offering different deployment options. Some advertise the SaaS model of their software, boasting fast deployment. Others mention cloud-based solutions with functionality available from any Web browser. And others talk about how secure and robust their on-premise servers are.

With all these options available, do you ever wish selecting warehouse software was as easy as picking an app for your smart phone? Well, now you can with the recent launch of HighJump Software’s App Station. With the HighJump App Station, you’ll have a collection of supply chain workflows at your fingertips. All you have to do is browse and add the apps you want.

The HighJump App Station works like an “app store” for HighJump’s Supply Chain Advantage product software. The App Station is built with snap-in architecture, allowing you to implement new features in a faster, more straightforward way.

HighJump Software boasts that this new App Station will eliminate the need for costly upgrades, configuration switches, and source code modifications. Customers are given the power to choose and implement only the features they need. Customers can install the apps themselves and some install in just minutes. If you’re already a HighJump customer, the App Station will be accessible to you through their maintenance and support program at no additional cost.

For anyone hesitant about making the investment into traditional WMS software, the HighJump App Station provides the perfect technological middle ground: you’ll get the latest innovations without having to deal with any hardware or complicated installations.