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Novo Solutions

Novo Solutions is a leading provider of scalable, easy to use web based help desk, customer support and knowledge management solutions. Products span solutions for knowledge base management; help desk software, customer support suite; asset management; and document management.

The company’s IT asset management solution, Novo Asset Manager helps your company keep track of PCs, laptops, PDAs, printers, network equipment, software, and much more. Knowing what assets you have, where they are located, when they were purchased, if they are still in use, etc. is critical information. You’ll be able to track IT assets as they move between locations, get reassigned to other people, and get replaced.

Reports provide your management team with details about asset allocation, usage and service history. Accounting has access to information to calculate depreciation. Novo Asset Manager key features include:

  • Web based, industry standards. Only a web browser is needed to manage assets.
  • User defined fields – track any information related to the asset.
  • Completely configurable asset views – each admin user can configure his own asset list.
  • Transaction history – track all events related to an asset.
  • Asset classifications and locations – track multiple asset types, locations and sub-locations, as well as asset status. You have unlimited categorization with user defined categorization fields.
  • Full asset descriptions – asset code/tag number, asset image, asset notes and attachments.
  • Security groups, permissions and assignments – assign users to one or more groups, assign permissions to an administrative group, and associate/assign assets to employees or customers.
  • Privately held, Novo Solutions is based in Virginia, and serves companies around the world.