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Parature CRM Review

Parature CRM is award-winning on-demand customer service and help desk management software empowers companies to increase customer convenience and satisfaction, while reducing related expenses and boosting productivity. With Parature solutions, businesses can simply and cost-efficiently deliver world-class service to clients and employees across the globe.

Is Parature CRM Right for You?

Parature designs and develops award-winning on-demand solutions for multi-channel customer service and internal help desk management. These affordable, fully integrated Web-based applications empower companies to efficiently and cost-effectively provide superior around-the-clock support to clients and employees across the world.

Parature CRM software combines powerful functionality, such as peer-to-peer information sharing, Web-based self-service, real-time chat facilities, resolution management, a comprehensive knowledge base, and advanced analytics, via separately-purchased modules. Additionally, it provides a completely closed-loop trouble ticket system for tracking, routing, and managing support issues from end to end, as well as surveying tools for accurately measuring end user satisfaction.

With Parature customer support, businesses can improve customer convenience, while reducing call volumes and related costs, and improving staff productivity.

The Parature help desk solution provides all the tools needed to effectively support IT and other internal business operations, and can be easily accessed any time, anywhere, via any standard Web browser. Its capabilities are similar to those of Parature’s customer support software, and include peer collaboration through Web-based discussion boards, online self-service, live chat, resolution management, and reporting and business intelligence.

The Parature help desk suite also provides cutting-edge features for work order prioritization and management, asset monitoring, coordination of purchasing and receiving activities, and Web-based work order submission and tracking.

Parature solutions are in use at many leading companies across the world, with over 6 million registered end users spanning more than 45 countries. Additionally, Parature is committed to adhering to proven best practices in the help desk and customer service industries, as well as protecting the privacy and integrity of all customer information. To reinforce that commitment, all the company’s solutions are fully compliant with the latest industry guidelines and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).