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Percussion Content Management Solutions

Percussion is on a mission to “Productize” the web content management market by delivering advanced functionality that provides the content owner with control over their content, while giving them the flexibility to take advantage of “What’s Next” on the web.

Percussion is the provider of The Percussion Approach, a combination of the Percussion CM System with solutions and services that have a singular focus: driving business results through multiple online channels including websites, intranets, blogs, and mobile devices. The Percussion Approach allows marketers and line-of-business owners to create, analyze, and change online content as they pursue the stuff that really matters – revenue, membership, or leads.

Percussion’s flagship products—Percussion CM1 and CM System—help businesses increase traffic, drive conversion and improve social interaction without requiring costly customizations and ongoing services contracts to deliver core WCM functionality.

The Percussion CM System and solutions provide all the commonly found features of a CMS, such as globalization, workflow, and templating, but the real strength of company’s products are in the community marketing, personalization and targeting, and analytics features that enable organizations to harness the conversation economy, deliver dynamic content to each visitor, automate changes, and measure the impact of those changes on their business.

Percussion’s architecture allows non-technical users to take control of content and presentation, provides unparalleled control over how web content is used and allows organizations to integrate third-party applications without being encumbered by legacy technology.

Through its unique drag-and-drop interface, Percussion users can directly create, launch, and maintain sophisticated web sites with an ease unmatched in the market. Users can easily make any kind of edit or change–such as creating new templates, modifying page layouts, integrating social content, or embedding third-party web applications. By empowering the user, organizations are able to make the majority of required ongoing updates and changes to the site on their own.

Today, hundreds of leading organizations are using Percussion’s WCM products to power their websites, including,,,,, Saba Software, MacPhail College for Music, Virginia Tech University, Harvard Law School, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the U.S. General Services Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control.

The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts with additional offices in San Francisco and London. It continues to be privately owned and funded and has seen at least double-digit growth every year since its founding.

Percussion was named to both KMWorld’s “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” and EContent Magazine’s “100 Companies that Matter Most” in the digital content industry for five consecutive years and has received a number of other accolades including a Best of AIIM Award and a Codie Award for “Best Content Management Solution.”

Percussion Key Strengths

  • Integrated Analytical Dashboard: Provides the user with the actionable insight necessary to improve the effectiveness of website changes, SEO, and traffic generation efforts and receive rapid feedback on your web marketing activities. The dashboard offers a number of “gadgets” you can use to simply and easily import assets, integrate analytics, audit the SEO effectiveness of pages, and see gains in traffic as a result of your changes.
  • Cloud Ready: Percussion’s unique decoupled architecture makes content management ideally suited to move to the cloud for both the delivery tier and the content management infrastructure itself. Percussion has partnered with leading cloud platform providers including Terremark and Rackspace to deliver a complete cloud infrastructure offering. In addition, with a special plug in for managing content in an Akamai Edge Cache, Percussion streamlines the process of managing content in the cloud.
  • High Scale: Percussion’s solutions are well suited for small micro-sites to support campaigns, events or initiatives all the way through some of the largest sites on the web today. Percussion’s software is proven in environments with hundreds of thousands of pages accessed by millions of visitors each month. Percussion’s architecture easily scales without adding new Percussion servers in the delivery tier, creating a cost-effective approach to content management.
  • Focused on the marketer: Where other products focus on “keeping websites up to date,” Percussion provides the marketer an unmatched agility to enact change throughout their web presence with a wide range of online capabilities, all focused on improving measurable results from customer interaction online.
  • Intuitive, streamlined UI: Users are presented with a browser interface to not only create, manage and publish copy and rich media across multiple channels, but to replace and rearrange layout and dynamic presentation quickly across the entire Web presence. Percussion’s CM System is designed for rapid change at any level – not only content, but layout and presentation – without the need for IT involvement.
  • Open and future-proof: Percussion’s innovative “decoupled architecture” separated the content management server component from online interaction components and all the other applications that deliver the web property. You choose only the pieces you want to use out of the box, and then freely combine them with existing and third-party applications for unmatched cross-platform support.