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PhaseWare Help Desk Review

Phaseware provides affordable, powerful solutions catered towards small to mid-sized companies. Phaseware’s next generation suite of products provide the features and support companies need to run a successful help desk department and maintain high levels of customer service.

Why Choose PhaseWare Help Desk?

PhaseWare provides help desk and service management solutions for companies all over the world. PhaseWare Solutions provides software solutions that are specifically tailored towards companies that deal with external customers on a regular basis.

PhaseWare help desk software enables service departments to manage and control all aspects of their service desk through a single solution. PhaseWare’s traditionally installed solution provides the functionality that meets all your help desk and customer service needs.

PhaseWare Help Desk and Service Desk solutions are cost-effective ways for organizations to set up IT support departments. PhaseWare’s service desk solution provides all the features your organization needs to maintain top level IT support while keeping costs low. PhaseWare’s Help Desk Solution also has the capabilities to improve the efficiency of your IT department at a very affordable cost.

Its most recent release, PhaseWare Tracker, is a help desk solution suitable for help desks and customer support departments that deal with a huge volume of incoming calls and also provides help desk capabilities to support offices in multiple locations. PhaseWare Tracker allows companies that deal with customers on a regular basis to succeed with sophisticated tools that are now made affordable for everyone.

PhaseWare Tracker provides many features which help to create a unique and personalized customer experience. Some key features of PhaseWare Track include:

  • Detailed Customer Information Views – Easily and quickly provide help desk employees with the information and support they need to provide quick and efficient service and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient Incident Management – Routing and automation tools to ensure your help desk department is running the most efficiently to lower response times and increase effectiveness of the entire help desk department.
  • Historical Trend Analysis – Learn about the issues that continue to bog down your help desk department. Fix potential problems within your department and your workflow to provide the best customer service experience possible.
  • Track Service Level Agreements – Keep your records intact with complete service level agreement tracking tools to order and manage all your contracts to ensure nothing is lost.

With powerful yet simple capabilities, PhaseWare Solutions provides affordable solutions that are easily implemented and quickly taught with minimal training involved. This ensures your help desk department is always up and running, to maintain the high quality customer service necessary to ensure a successful organization.