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Pivotal CRM Review

Pivotal CRM offers a powerful combination of unmatched flexibility and in-depth industry expertise, to help companies compete more effectively. With the Pivotal CRM suite, companies can select from a variety of functional applications to transform the way they interact with their customers across multiple teams and departments.

Is Pivotal CRM Right for You?

The Pivotal CRM suite is a robust and comprehensive customer relationship management offering designed and developed by CDC Software, the enterprise software unit of CDC Corporation. More than 1800 customers across 50 business sectors use Pivotal CRM solutions to transform the way they do business with their clients.

CDC Software strongly believes that a business’ unique processes are its key competitive differentiators. As a result, all the company’s products deliver unparalleled flexibility and agility. The Pivotal CRM suite is considered one of the industry’s most adaptable CRM packages, allowing companies to streamline even the most complex and customized customer-facing business processes by establishing sophisticated business rules. With these rules, Pivotal CRM users can add context to customer relationships, so they can better govern and guide the way they are managed.

Pivotal CRM contains four feature-rich modules:

  • Sales force automation to accelerate sales cycles, improve rep efficiency, and increase the number of closed deals.
  • Marketing automation to enable the creation of more targeted campaigns, capture vital customer intelligence, and improve response and conversion rates.
  • Service automation to help companies structure and implement repeatable, proven service processes that ensure rapid problem resolution and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Partner management to enhance collaboration with third party sales and channel partners by making best practices techniques and processes, as well as timely information, readily accessible to them.

Pivotal also offers a variety of value-added applications to extend and enhance the benefits of its functional modules. These include advanced business analytics, and mobile capabilities that provide access via a variety of web-enabled devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and other wireless appliances.

Additionally, Pivotal leverages its broad industry expertise and extensive sector-specific process knowledge. Vertical applications are available for financial services, home building and real estate, healthcare, legal services, and medical devices.