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QAD ERP Manufacturing Solutions

QAD is dedicated to providing global manufacturers with products and services that strengthen their enterprise and add value to their business. Because of its traditional focus on manufacturing, QAD understands the challenges and opportunities manufacturers face in the global economy.

The company has made unequalled investment in industry research and collaboration. For all of the industry segments it serves, QAD has a team dedicated to researching market requirements, working with customers and maintaining awareness on the development of new solutions for emerging market challenges.

QAD Manufacturing Software

QAD’s on-demand architecture gives customers a choice of operating systems, relevant database platforms, desktop interfaces and other access methods to the application for optimum efficiency of their computer systems. Supported databases include Progress OpenEdge and Oracle. Operating systems include all common versions of Unix, Linux and Microsoft.

QAD Manufacturing is the core foundation for numerous modules that make up the complete QAD Enterprise Application suite. The QAD Manufacturing core product helps businesses:

  • Centrally manage all product manufacturing information by ensuring quick access to key information for use in planning and operations throughout the organization.
  • Integrate engineering changes at maximum efficiency, allowing rapid response to customer demands while also ensuring regulatory compliance and the lowest possible obsolescence cost.
  • Perform better manufacturing planning through faster decision-making and more effective resource deployment. The Manufacturing Planning Modules convert external and internal demand for products into detailed manufacturing, procurement and resource utilization plans.
  • Easily adaptable to their production environment, with Manufacturing Execution functions that fully manage mixed mode environments, enabling faster decisions and improved customer responsiveness.
  • Control all activities on the production floor, from identifying missing parts to reporting labor.

QAD Corporate Background

Since its inception in 1979, QAD has built a strong reputation as a leading builder of computer systems to improve the efficiency of global manufacturing companies. With over 5,800 sites in 90 countries, QAD enjoys an unequalled level of intimacy with its worldwide base of customers due in large part to its focus on a narrow range of industries.

QAD works in partnership with its customers on many key developments in its product set. QAD’s size and focus allows the organization to respond rapidly to customers’ needs and market pressures, locally and globally.

Select customers include: Amcor Limited, Laird Technologies, Eaton Corporation, TRW Automotive, Shanghai SEB Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd., Comvita, Katwijk Farma.

QAD is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.