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QuickBooks Options: Which Is Right for You?

Every business operates at a different level and grows at a different rate. Because each organization needs software to meet their financial tracking needs, QuickBooks offers a number of different packages with various options and amenities. Read on to check out which one is right for you with our QuickBooks reviews.

QuickBooks Has Something for Almost Every Business

When it comes time to make the business software purchases for your organizations accounting needs, you may discover that QuickBooks has what may be the greatest range of diversity among the broad competitive field. If you know QuickBooks is right for you, but are not sure which one to pick. Keep reading. With a wide range of capabilities, you’ll want to closely analyze each and determine if it has the features you need and whether there are too many amenities driving up the price.

QuickBooks Simple Start

The basic QuickBooks package, called Simple Start, will offer exactly that – simple, basic services for the lowest possible investment price. You can track your sales, expenses, and sales taxes, create and print invoices and estimates, choose from 14 different financial, sales, and tax reports, and use the payroll function (for an additional fee). However, you cannot keep track of any inventory or download any credit card or bank transactions. If you opt for the QuickBooks Pro version instead (costing about twice the price but still extremely reasonable), you can add these services, as well as the ability to automatically populate and print 1099 and 1096 tax forms.

QuickBooks Pro Edition

The Pro Edition of QuickBooks will also give you access to over 100 customizable reports, as well as the option for multiple user access (up to 5 users, with the purchase of copies for each user).

However, for even greater abilities as your business grows and evolves, you may want to consider the purchase of the Premier Edition of QuickBooks. With the same access to over 100 customizable reports, you can additionally edit them to be industry-specific. You also have the same opportunity to access your data from any secure Internet connection (1 year for free, as opposed to 6 months free with the Pro Edition) and the ability for up to 5 multiple access users.

QuickBooks Premier Edition

However, with the Premier Edition of QuickBooks, you can also make use of industry specific features, create business plans and sales and expense forecasts, and use advanced features to track the costs for assembled products and inventory.

Other features include the ability to create sales orders, track back orders, set billing rates for each employee and service type, and even view un-billed time and expenses on a single screen and transfer them to an invoice instantly. These features are excellent for growing businesses, but there is still more for those who need truly in-depth accounting software and the ability to upgrade and expand further in the future.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

In a mid-size or large business, you may need greater ability to customize or a larger quantity of users to be able to access database information through your accounting software. The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are largely expandable and can offer up to 20 simultaneous users (with per-license fees). You also have 24/7 product support from software engineers, as well as hundreds of custom reports and other features, including integration ability with other software packages.

Because QuickBooks has so many levels from which to choose, you can compliment the needs of your business organization with one of the packages, assessing price and features to find the perfect compromise to succeed now and in the future.