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Recipe for a Smart Web Content Management System

Let’s face it: you’re really looking for higher profits, sharper brand awareness, and deeper customer loyalty–not just a website. So how do you do it? How – you’re no doubt wondering – do you go about creating a dynamic website that’s non-template driven, and that will treat your visitors to an online experience that’s unique to the vision of your company.

With the right tools and expertise, your website can succeed in recruiting new customers and retaining and expanding your existing customer relationships. A good starting place would be with a strategic Web designer who will lay out your website using the latest search engine optimization techniques, keeping your target market’s personality and core business branding at the forefront of design, and enabling your website to generate leads and retain them. This is the way to start building a “smart” web content management system.

A smart web-based content management system, built right the first time, will set you free from relying on outside designers to make changes, giving you back precious time. By working with the experts upfront, your custom-designed web content management system will be created with your needs in mind; it will look and function like everyone’s favorite word processor, allowing you to update your own website whenever, wherever, without having to know HTML.

But a word of caution: you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where a solution provider just hands you a website and says, “Good luck. See you later.” You need to find a site builder who fully understands that you need your site to be well-ranked by large search engines like Google and Yahoo! to achieve your online business objectives. So, you need a team of certified search engine optimization analysts to work with your content, provide you expert guidance, education, and search engine optimization tools like, keywords, HTML page titles, and inbound link optimization.

Find a website design company that will take the time to get to know your business, so that they can present a comprehensive search engine optimization solution to solve your online marketing challenges. The bottom line is your bottom line. When it comes to a smart web content management system, it really is all about you.

You Want Your Web Content Management System to Do What?

Okay, you’ve been searching for a solution that will enable you to take control of your website. If you’re smart about getting the platform in place, with an Internet connection, browser and any PC or Mac, you can log into a well-designed web content management system to edit your website from anywhere in the world, any time of day. Then, if you can write a document in Microsoft Word, you can use your custom web content management system to create, deploy, and manage your own website.

From there, you’ll want the ability to seamlessly format text, set hyperlinks, build tables, and insert images and documents with your web content management system. You’ll need to be able to type your content inside the editor or simply copy and paste. With the power of an expertly designed web content management system, you’ll be able to edite your site and manage your company’s web content like a pro.

And there’s no need to stop there. What if you want to add an entirely new page to your site, not just adjust the copy on a current page? With a properly designed, smart web content management system, that should be no problem.

You want a web content management system that gives you full control of your site’s growth and organization. If you choose to add, delete or modify pages or properties of pages within your site as well as move them up, down, or into an entirely different category, you should be able to do it with ease. You should be able to pull in content from across your organization, and your new website pages should have the capability to be easily enhanced for search engine optimization because you had the foresight to require your designer to create a web content management system that will allow you to modify the header and footer, page titles, and meta tag information for each page. And by the way, you should also be able to create pages, but keep them hidden from the public until you want them unveiled. This feature will enable you to work on a page over a period of time without having to show your work-in-progress to the world. It’s all in the planning!

Start Off on the Right Foot

In a nutshell: It is well worth the upfront cost to find and engage a team of pros to get your web content management system off on the right track. Spend the time and effort needed to find the right subject matter experts who can help you create a tailored web content management system that will save you time, money, and frustration.