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RedPrairie Supply Chain Management Solutions

RedPrairie provides supply chain execution, store management, logistics, and warehouse management software that companies use to manage their supply chains. Its applications monitor and control all phases of the supply chain, from inbound logistics and inventory management to order fulfillment and transportation. It also provides collaboration tools to help companies interact with trading partners. Founded in 1975, RedPrairie was acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners Management for approximately $240 million in 2005.
RedPrairie is a world leading consumer-driven optimization company. Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 15 years, the RedPrairie integrated E2e™ solutions offer on-demand capabilities to over 32,000 sites worldwide for many of the world’s largest companies.

RedPrairie’s E2e solutions synchronize people and products throughout the customer buying cycle to ensure goods reach the right place at the right time. At the point of sale, this means consumers have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. In the production cycle, it means suppliers and manufacturers time and synchronize shipments and production based on demand signals from the retailer. And in the back room of the store, it means having the least amount of inventory, solving the “last yard” problem of the retail supply chain.

With 20+ global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support.

RedPrairie Key Strengths

  • RedPrairie is a global leader in supply chain technology solutions that help customers achieve measurable logistics results, end-to-end across their extended supply chains, driving out costs, improving customer service and creating competitive advantage.
  • RedPrairie delivers superior logistics results by driving out more logistics costs than anyone in the industry, and enabling customers to consistently achieve their supply chain objectives. This is accomplished through an integrated suite of DigitaLogistix solutions that provide the industry’s leading transportation, productivity, and distribution management capabilities, enhanced with action-oriented components for real-time control and performance measurement.
  • The effectiveness of the RedPrairie solution suite of applications is enhanced through an industry-exclusive tactical optimization layer that enables lowest cost, streamlined operations.
  • RedPrairie also provides applications for international trade logistics, mobile resource management, supply chain security and inventory optimization to address the broader needs for global supply chain management and security.