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Remote Access Essential with Warehouse and Inventory Management to Deliver on Customer Demands

When dealing with a warehouse, you know it can sometimes be difficult to meet the demands of your customers in a timely manner. With warehouse and inventory management, you can rest assured that this task has been made easier. By having access to your warehouse information from any remote access you will be able to know exactly what inventory you currently have and where your stock is running low. Being able to keep track of all this with just the few clicks of a button is made possible with warehouse and inventory management.

Success with Warehouse and Inventory Management

USA Cycling started using warehouse and inventory management and saw immediate results in their inventory visibility and accuracy. They started with SmartTurn Inc.’s system. They rely on it to manage and track their inventory such as bicycles, wheels and even clothing for the cyclists in different locations. According to Gregory Cross, the director of logistics and operations at USA Cycling, SmartTurn had exceeded their expectations by giving them accurate visibility and better capabilities to manage their assets, while keeping lost equipment to a minimum. He said that his employees now have everything they need to make decisions in real time no matter if they are at home or at work. This has cut down on the cost of unneeded inventory and employee salary.

Visibility Increases Using Warehouse and Inventory Management

With the warehouse and inventory management system, your company will have 24/7 access to your information. You will know how your business is doing even when you are not in the office. SmartTurn Inc. has tried to keep their competitive edge so that they can gain customer support and satisfaction. It is easy to use and easy to integrate so that every user will feel it was created just for them.

Handling Multiple Warehouses

Not only can warehouse and inventory management take control of the inventory in your warehouse, it can also do so if your company has multiple warehouse locations. Once all of the information is in the system, you will know exactly what merchandise you have available at exactly which warehouse. This great feature has increased customer satisfaction, improved on the productivity of employees and reduced the cost of inventory. With greater customer satisfaction, you are only ensuring that there will be returning customers who may even spread the word about your company.

Cost of Warehouse and Inventory Management

Not only is the warehouse and inventory management system a great added bonus to your warehouse, it is reasonably priced as well. The pricing starts at about $500.00 per month but comes with unlimited users and transactions. It will allow for complete merchandise visibility across the board and will help you with your decision making. Warehouse and inventory management has been a great asset to companies such as USA Cycling so why not let it work for your warehouse as well?